sábado, agosto 09, 2008

[warning: nerd alert!]

Sheva's Dance

As a person who tries to follow the way of the Buddha through quantum physics and relativity, the completion of the French/Swiss Large Hadron Collider or LHC from CERN is pretty exciting news.

The first tests on the big particle accelerator are set for today and the ‘Big Bang’ is scheduled for 10 September. Luckily there are other likeminded people out there who feel the same ‘thrill’ and adopt a similar attitude towards this event, so if you like to know what it all means just watch this edutaining rap video from CERN.

If everything goes well and the damn expensive machine actually works, we will see if present theories are right or whether we have start from scratch again. Either way, it will be a big important event and what better way to celebrate this than with some music.

BTW, the awkward combination of songtitles is purely accidental.

Omni feat. Connee Draper – Out Of My Hands
Ago – Stop Your Life 1982
Nexus – Stand Up 1983
Amin Peck – Suicidal 1983
Fra Lippo Lippi – Say Something 1984

You might have noticed that things are a bit slow around here but hey… it’s summer ya know

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