domingo, março 04, 2007

One year in business

II started this Blog just one year ago. Around this time of year there are always 2 major events. One is keeping the memory and legacy of Serge Gainsbourg alive and the other one is the International Women's Day. The 2nd of March has passed and 8 March is still on it’s way so as a foreshadow of future events an the occasion for men to express their love to the women around them, this tribute from Tom Zé to the women of brasil and a lament on the still harsh conditions some of them live in.
These studies on the musical genre of Pagode are set up as a form of soap-operetta. Pagode is a natural evolution of Samba, Rio style, bringing funny and smart lyrics about malandragem (freely translated as the way of live of the outlaw), hard life and the brazilian way of solving problems in a convenient manner. In many lyrics, the small criminal outlaw who lives this kind of live, the Malandro, gives comment on his lifestyle, the government, the police and… bad women. This way Pagode is also known for it’s often women unfriendly lyrics (reminiscent of gangster rap).
As a form of critic Tom Zé used this musical style to give form to one the most powerful musical tributes to women I know.

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