terça-feira, março 30, 2010

Nippon Bento

Finally, I’m able to send out of sign of live again. It’s about bloody time but it will only be a short one. I’ve been busy, sick and abroad and now I'm leaving again. Tomorrow I go to Japan for 3 weeks. I was planning to go somewhere else but things turned out differently. Maybe for the best, who knows. I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe I can get my hands on some precious vinyl. Who knows.

Apart from that, something scared the shit out of me. I received my very first Blogger DMCA takedown notification. A post of mine was
set on hold until I remove the shameful content. One thing they didn't tell me was what that shameful content was that was alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. Have to take a closer look on that one.