quarta-feira, março 29, 2006

A quick one with quite some words to it

Today I've only got time for just a quick post. I like all kinds of music but there's one big current throughout my entire music collection and that's Black Music. I don't fancy a definition of what Black Music exactly is but almost anything that's Afro-American, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Jamaican, ... ethnic or popular, acoustic or electronic ... and that's being made by black people or by those who try to be or sound like it, is just right up my ally.
Among this spectrum of everything black the golden nuggets that go by the name of Rare Grooves are the favorites. I've been trying to prepare a series of posts but because of lack of time this will be something for the near future (let's say a month or so).

For this moment, I'll stick to what I'm listening to right now. I'm a fan of Curtis Mayfield (see right here for more info on Soulwalking).
One of my favorite Curtis songs is Right On for the Darkness from his first album after the Superfly soundtrack. It's from 1973 which is the year I was born in - maybe not a great year for wine but definitely one for the groove. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Silicone Soul sampled the glorious orchestral ending of this song, a couple of years ago, for their dance floor track Right on. It's one of those endings that is just much to short and gives way to an entirely different piece of music. It's a big cherish on top of a delicious cake that deserves a rightful place of it's own. That's what Silicone Soul did. They've created a hypnotic groove based on some smart editing of the strings combined with a vintage WahWah rhythmguitar Curtis Mayfield is famous for.

I've got two versions of it but I can't decide which one of them is the best. They're very similar. I'll just post both of them together with the original song.

Right On for The Darkness - Curtis Mayfield 1973 [Back to the World]

Right on 4 tha Darkness - Silicone Soul 1999 [Soma Quality Recordings - Volume 6]

Right On, Right On - Silicone Soul 2000 [Soma Compilation Seven]

As a way of contrast... somethin' else. Friends know that I'm really into country music and they make fun of me. They don't get it, but I don't care. I know that 99% of it is just plain garbage but I go for that 1% which is as good as anything else on this planet.
A recent discovery is a female singer called Neko Case. She's been around for quite some time now but she's mainly known as a member of The New Pornographers. People who make a living out of it call this kind of music alt. country or alternative country. Basically it's a bunch of young people who rediscovered the qualities of traditional music and handle it with a do-it-yourself punk attitude and they stay far away from the big companies in Nashville Tennessee. She's got a new album out called Fox Confessor Brings the Flood and from this album comes a song.

The Needle Has Landed - Neko Case 2005 [Fox Confessor Brings the Flood]

To end, a song that I don't know anything about but that's been bugging me for days now. It's The Baldwin Brothers featuring Miho Hatori from Cibo Matto with a song called Dream Girl. Enjoy.

Dream Girl - The Baldwin Brothers featuring Miho Hatori

sexta-feira, março 24, 2006

Tiefschwarz 25.03.2006

Because one of the guys from Tiefschwarz is playing a DJ-set at Dirtydancing in Brussels on Saturday... some tracks from they're album Eating Books and random stuff in advance.

Damage feat. Tracey Thorn


Issst (Dub)


Acid Soul

String Delay 2

Here's another collection of electronic songs with an acoustic feel / acoustic songs with an electronic feel. Some similar names and some new ones. Make a note that this year the Domino festival at the AB in Brussels features Four tet/Fridge and B. Fleischmann. I would go there if I had the chance but I can't. I'll be spending a holiday in the south of Spain. Tuff luck...

Whatsafire - Cex

Fire Walk With My Pussy - Cex

Surface - Fridge

Glue of the World - Four Tet

Brandon - Manitoba [aka Caribou]

Rock on, Lovers - To Rococo Rot

People Eating Fruit - Manitoba [aka Caribou]

You Could Ruin My Day - Four Tet

Motoring Britain - Minotaur Shock

Spotlight (Aphex Twin mix) - Wagon Christ [aka Luke Vibert]

Sea Urchins - Yo La Tengo

Pass By - B. Fleischmann

If you want all of them, I will post a zip file through Rapidshare for ye in a couple of days.

sábado, março 18, 2006

Glocal Pop

I really need a holiday so now it's time for a trip around the world... not in 80 days but in 80 minutes which is the normal length of a standard CD. I collected a bunch of song from all around the world that reflect the change local music styles go through as a result of globalisation (whoaw heavy stuff)... or more simply stated: everybody likes Michael Jackson and one way or another this sense for everything pop ends up in the music people make.

Long Voyage - Hector Zazou feat. John Cale and Suzanne Vega

C’est comme ça - Les Rita Mitsouko

Varg Timmen - Hedningarna

Ya Tayr - Fairuz

Habibi Tawibi - Ali Hassan Kuban

Bassama - Abdel Gadir Salim

Samba - Les Amazones de Guinée

Makelekele - Fel Bocoum & Damon Albarn

Tèy Gedyèlesshem - Alèmayèhu Eshèté

Umkhovu - Mahlathini Nkabinde

Bayaty - Ashkhabad

Do Paljo Teri Aankhou Se - Asha Bhosle & RD Burman

Qur'an Koran - Soneta Group & Rhoma Irama

Shimaguwa Song - Shoukichi Kina & Champloose

10 Believers - Latin Playboys

1, 2, 3, 4 - Titan

Meu Ioruba - Vitto

Für Elise

Everybody knows those funny little noises scanmachines make. Apparently it's possible to make music with it, if you're able to do some state of the art programming. The exact technical details are here.

Elise, c'est pour toi :-)

segunda-feira, março 13, 2006

Alim Qasimov

I've never been to Azerbaijan and I'm sure none of you has ever been there too or will be makin' plans in the near future to go there. Still, I would like to go there, ever since I've heard and saw Alim Qasimov perform. Alim Qasimov is Azerbaijan's most famous son and all over the (Arab) world loved and praised as the greatest vocalist in - to keep it plain and simple -classic Arabian / Persian music. At least since Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died. Here you hear Alim Qasimov perform a tributre to the late Qawali singer in a duet with his daughter Ferganah Qasimov, who's also a great singer.

Ey Encanlar [Tears Flow from My Eyes... Like Rain]

more info and downloads at http://www.azerimusic.net/old/mgn/alqa.htm

domingo, março 12, 2006

Tiga 04.02.2006

After the dead... now some time for the living. Tiga presented his long awaited first album at Dirty Dancing in Brussels on the 4th of february this year. As a reminder of a really swell party one of many bombs on the dancefloor.

Good as gold

sábado, março 11, 2006

Serge Gainsbourg 2/4/1928 - 2/3/1991

Already 15 years, a long time indeed.
In retrospect a collection of songs from two of the man’s best albums: Histoire de Melody Nelson and Jane Birkin.

69 année érotique



Jane B.


Ballade De Melody Nelson

Valse De Melody

Ah! Melody

L'Hotel Particulier

En Melody

Cargo Culte

Sous le soleil exactement

I saw 'Pierrot le Fou' again this weekend so as a bonus you get Anna Karina.


quarta-feira, março 08, 2006

Multiple cats

Here's a rather lovely new video by Konx-Om-Pax for album opener You Got Me Up from Jamie Lidell's great album Multiply.

Download for iPod/iTunes (m4v format)

Download Quicktime

Multiply (album) in Bleep

domingo, março 05, 2006

Ay Marimba

I found a bunch of funny videos on the net just the other day about marimba's. The first is a long one in witch a group of scholars play the music of Dj Shadow on live instruments. It sounds almost exactly the same which is amazing.
The other one features a bunch of Japanese kids who play crazy like only japanse kids can do. Real wizards no fonies, the J-Marimba Ponies.

1. May 16, 2005 Concert Video (65MB .wmv)
You can find more info on http://www.brianudelhofen.com/DJShadow.html

67MB is a hell of a big file, isn't it? Here's the first minute of 'Building Steam', squeezed down to: 2mb WMV and 1mb WMV

2. Sabre Dance (Video:148sec)
More info on http://www.j-marimba.com/ponies210.htm

sexta-feira, março 03, 2006

For Ann...

radio 1


First post

... and hopefully not the last post