sábado, fevereiro 02, 2008

It’s Saturday now and still work in progress. I keep a close watch on my other side pages and I’ve noticed that the one with The Black Gold Radio doesn’t get as much attention as my Bongopage. Which is strange since Black music in all its forms is actually the core business of this blog and the other ones are more of a side dish really.
That why I wish to make some publicity here for this highly underrated feature: all the goodies in one handsome and easy podcast service that links directly to the Box archives. In the next months I’ll do some restyling. Let’s see if that helps.

A lot of the links on my Bongopage were Divshares that are now lost in the fire. I’m going to re-upload them in the near future but meanwhile I will also ad some new ones. In this case some friends from myspace.

Code Monkey is an obscure collaboration between a DJ from Antwerp and a guitar buddy from elsewhere. This is the first song that I heard from them and still the best one.

Code Monkeys feat. Goghal - Without Your Love 2006

Dijf is a very talented and eclectic musician and a crucial member of The Violent Husbands. He also plays solo and these 2 songs are my personnel favourites.

Dijf - Sugar Frosted Milk
Dijf – Howling

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