domingo, março 04, 2007

And the magic word for tonight is Patrick Wolf. His last album The Magic Position is really first-rate smashing ausum. It’s not yet for sale over here, but what the heck, it’s circulating all over the net right now. I downloaded it a while ago but I know I’m gonna buy it anyway, if it isn’t for the music than at least for the fancy silly album cover. It’s completely over the top and full of attitude but hey, that’s the spirit if you wanna sell records and get attention these days. What is it with the orange hair? Too much carrots... It seems that he changes looks like other people change their undies but I think it looks great. It’s my favourite colour anyway, especially for everything that spells... hair.
Favourite track this time is Bluebells which sounds a bit like David Sylvian to me.

This post is meant for a friend who, I reckon, is craving for this album and it's cover right now ;-)... so it’s password protected since I have the policy of not posting complete albums (most records these days aren’t worth listening all the way trough anyway). Have fun.


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