sábado, janeiro 19, 2008

Comeback kid ;-)

Hey, hey, I’m back! It didn’t take much time to have my laptop working again. Less than I thought. I spend all evening installing programs and data and typing my email and passwords like dozens of times but I’m almost through with it now. It’s still a pitty that I lost some of the music files but maybe I can recover them. I will see.

So let’s celebrate. One of the tracks that I lost was one of the most enjoyable tracks of 2007… Chymera’s Shadowdancer. I saw this guy play a DJ set at Café Capital a while back but only a couple of weeks ago I purchased me a legal download. Now it’s lost and it seem that I can’t re-download it, a damn shame. Never mind, I found an illegal download instead. So here’s the full 12-inch in full glory.

Chymera – Shadowdancer
Chymera – Planetarium
Chymera – I Know Now What You Seek

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