quarta-feira, janeiro 09, 2008

Mes premières petites bijoux de 2008

Olivia Ruiz – Petite Fable
from a nice Edith Piaf tribute CD
Xiu Xiu – I Do What I Want When I Want
as always, totally awesome and custom made for yours truely
Love Is All – Talk Talk Talk Talk
all you need is...
SoKo – I’ll Kill Her
pardon my French

It’s only recent that I heard this song play on the radio but when I went looking for some information about it, it turned out that it was originally posted on youtube in November 2006. That’s more than a year ago!
I don’t have all day to surf the net for the newest hypes, names and styles. Not even the blogs, so it turns out that I really belong to an older generation that mainly relies on the radio and magazines for first hand information about music. The problem is that radio is losing its edge in matters like this. But still, the best things will find their way from the underground to the surface so maybe it works like a kind of filter. On the other hand it’s always nice to discover certain artists and music way before other people do. It happens when you surf the net and it's fun when it touches real time. Like for instance Jape. I’ve heard it on the net without knowing that it came from Dublin and while visiting Dublin I hear his music again. He's big overthere. Meanwhile, here in Belgium, he’s virtually unknown, yet to be discovered. But things are changing. I heard Aeroplane play one of his tunes in a DJ set at the Make Up.

Imagination – a1 Just An Illusion (Lindstrøm dub)
Imagination – b1 Just An Illusion (Lindstrøm vocal remix)
231 Imagination – b2 Just An Illusion (original 1982 version)

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