domingo, março 23, 2008


picture by Masha
It was a surprising weekend, this one. I found out that Sébastien Tellier is going to represent France at the coming Eurovision song contest. Well I be damned!
I’m curious what will happen. Coincidently I’m going to see and hear him play live in the middle of May. Eurovision can use a bit of hip and cool. I take this at heart right now because I started to reflect on what my very first musical experiences were, after someone asked me how I got to have such a diverse even odd musical taste. After a painful mental exercise it struck me that it all started back in the mid 70’s with children programs, ads, classical music, my big sis’ disco music and this event that today is known as a mekka of mediocrity and circus of cheap taste. But in the past it was all much better, wasn’t it? Many people are nostalgic for the days when the final winner, second and third lasted a bit longer than one could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

So as a result I’ll be spending some time recollecting old soundbites and wiping off dirt, to document my coming of age, music wise. The music that made me who I am. That’ll be interesting.

I’m also currently facing some problems with my computer again. Bluescreens a gogo seems to be the case. I’m a victim of a Trojan horse of some sort even though I’m protected by mister Norton himself. This is the last time that guy sets a foot in my house. All sorts of ads pop up for spyware software and bogus reports about illegal or pornographic content on my computer. I knew it was bunny time right now, with Easter and everything, but I didn’t know that this year it’s playboy bunnies that fall from the sky. As a result I’m at this very moment not enjoying myself on the dancefloor over at Petrol, as I intended to do, but instead shifting data from my computer to external hard disks, just to make sure I’m not losing anything when that final crash occurs. I hope not too soon.

I already had my share of body movements on Friday. James Holden came to Petrol and brought with him Fairmont who gave a live set. Maybe it’s a strange coincidence that at my last computer problem, in January, I downloaded Fairmont over at Bleep. They were so kind to give me back my downloads after I contacted them and explained that my computer had crashed and I lost those files. They were the only ones; I did not receive any news from Juno and Beatport up until now after sending similar mails.

The Walkmen – Lemon Hill
Jaga Jazzist – Reminders (Dat Politics remix)
Lalalover – Step Out of the Dark
Fairmont – I Need Medicine (original mix)
Deise Tigrona – Injecão – Slum Dunk presents Funk Carioca
Be Your Own Pet – Super Soaked

I also went shopping for music on Saturday. I found some really great samplers of early electro hiphop on the Enjoy Records and Celluloid label. And I finally purchased me at Beatport a version of Chateau Flight’s seminal Baroque EP from 2006 on Innervisions. I’ve been looking for a vinyl copy but I couldn’t find any, so I gave up. There’s probably a copy somewhere on the internet, but I still have a principal problem with that. Anything is for sale on the net nowadays so there is no longer a natural barrier for spending lots of money on whatever one’s heart desires. I only buy something first hand and not something that has to be shipped off or worse, flown in on my request.

Chateau Flight – Baroque (original mix)
Chateau flight – Baltringue
Chateau flight – Baccula

I’m really happy with the electro tracks. Some were familiar but others are brand new to me and really great. If my memory serves me right – which is not that easy considering a certain amount of alcohol that was involved – one of the Manu Dibango cuts got played by Alex Barck from Jazzanova at the Mack-Up club a while ago. That gig was without any doubt one of my favourite club nights.

Manu Dibango – Pata Piya (original 12 version)
Manu Dibango – Makossa Rock (original 12 version)
Manu Dibango – Abele Dance (original 12 version)
Tony Allen – Home Cooking

Tribe 2 – What I Like (original 12 French dub version)
Timezone – Wildstyle original 12 version (Francois Kevorkian & Paul Groucho Smykle RMX)
Bill Laswell feat. Afrika Bambaataa & John Lydon – World Destruction (original 12 version - Bill Laswell RMX)
Grandmixer DST – Cuts It Up (original 12 version)

As a bizarre side effect of my malfunctioning computer and the long filenames that Box doesn’t seem to be handling well, some of these tracks don’t have the proper extension (mp3). No worry, just download them as you like and change the extension.

There’s more where this came from, so stay tuned.

segunda-feira, março 17, 2008

Hysteric Housewives with Kitchen Knives

Doesn't this look like a dancefloor... or am I going nuts?

Before you people out there, start to think that I must be disco crazy, dancing all day and all night, I’m posting something else right now. I like disco music but there’s something that I like even more and that’s classical music. Early renaissance, polyphonic, Baroque, the classics,… you name it, the works.
I heard an incredible powerful piece of music on the radio just the other day. It was Arvo Pärt’s Credo for piano, choir and orchestra. It’s from 1968 but it still sounds incredibly fresh. What struck me was that certain parts of it, the shock effects and contrasts between ‘Klankmassen’ sound like stuff Frank Zappa did in his orchestral works years later. Who would have thought that?

Hélène Grimaud on piano with The Swedish Radio Choir and The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra under the supervision of Esa-Pekka Salonen in Arvo Pärt’s Credo from 1968

I must say, I’ve been often pleasantly surprised by radio. Only yesterday I heard another breathtaking tune in Gilles Peterson’s World Wide radio show. If I understood it correctly it was a Ron Trent production with a former unknown rapper called Yaw. Only this tune wasn’t exactly hiphop. This rapper Yaw turned out to be an ace singer delivering the gospel in a very sincere and heartwarming soulful manner. An incredible performance. It was kinda creepy listening to it at such an untimely late hour. Judge for yourself.

By the way, he’s giving away this song for free at his myspace page.

Yaw – Where Will U Be

It was a while since I heard something from Ron Trent. I remember him best as one of the pioneers of house and techno. I should check out what he did all those years since his seminal classic Altered States.

Ron Trent – Altered States (original mix)

Gilles Peterson also had some pleasant news: a new Eryka Badu album! The first in 5 years I guess, although I seem to remember that there was a kind of bootleg last year called simply Badu, but I’m not sure. Something new from Eryka Badu is always great news certainly if it’s that good. I only have an illegal download for now to see what it’s like before they release it over here. The album is called New Amerykha and it’s about the state of affairs in the States right now so it’s highly political. If I’m right there’s going to be a second release because it’s called Part 1 so there has to be a part two as well. Maybe after the coming elections, which are turning into a kind of a bummer for Obama, if I’m correctly, after recent exposure of his godfather’s opinions on certain delicate state matters. Let’s all see how this turns out.

Erika Badu – Soldier
Erika Badu – Twinkle
Erika Badu – Telephone

There’s more fun coming this year. A new album from Jamie Lidell that is. This is the first really smashin’ single.

Jamie Lidell – figured Me Out

domingo, março 16, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It’s finally a lazy Sunday evening again, back at my place. I just finished drawing and colouring a card for the coming birth of some friend’s baby. They asked me to draw something for them that they could send to all their relatives and friends, so I gladly did. They asked me to do something in the vein of Dickie or Boerke (peassant) as we call it. A comic that I like reading or rather watching because there usually isn’t much text involved.
It reminded me how much fun it is to draw something freely instead of the stuff I have to do for work. I like the work I do but I should do this stuff more often. If I only had more time. I could stop doing this, but blogging is also fun.

The soundtrack to all of this is a bit more quietly than the previous posts. More relaxed and lush and with a melancholic rainy backdrop.

The Alan Rankine post and a NME cassette compilation over at The Dalston Oxfam Shop made me listen to The Associates again, a Scottish new wave band, basically a duo from the early 80’s. The central figure was Billy Mackenzie who died a couple of years ago but Rankine provided most of the tunes. Aggressive and Ninety Pounds is an early version of Thirteen Feelings that ended up on Perhaps from 1985. This version is from that NME cassette compilation. A very beautiful haunting song and a good reminder of what a great band they were.

The Associates feat. Billy Mackenzie – Aggressive and Ninety Pounds 1982

On that same cassette compilation Mad Mix II was another song that I liked, called Living On The Front Line by David Sylvian with Sandii & the Sunsetz. I didn’t know anything about this collaboration but it turns out to be something he did in between his Japan days and his first solo release. He made an entire album with this band which I’m going to check out, because I’m quite fond of this track.

Sandii & the Sunsetz with David Sylvian – Living On The Front Line

Now that Antony from Antony & the Johnsons is enjoying a disco break with Hercules & Love Affair from his normal line of work, it’s always nice to bring back to mind what his former output sounded like.

Anthony & the Johnsons – Cripple and the Starfish 2000

A recent discovery of a similar kind (which means it’s not disco) is a band called Fleet foxes. They only just released one EP but it’s already gaining them a lot of support on the net.

Fleet Foxes – Mykonos

Elbow has a new album and this is a track from it. That’s it, what more do you want? Great lyrics inside.

Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

Counting the days, only 44 days to go before I leave for…

The Hong Kong Dong – Berlin

And now, for something completely different. I can’t help it but I have to squeeze these in. A house classic and some stars on 45.

Jomanda – Make My Body Rock (basic version)
Urban All Stars – It Began In Africa

To finish things off, back on the right track. One of the most anticipated albums of the last years is going to be released pretty soon. The Devil, You + Me is the follow up of Neon Golden by The Notwist which is definitely one of my all time favourite albums. I only heard this one song which sounds promising and very familiar.

The Notwist – Good Lies

That's it for this Duyster session now it's 12 '0 clock so it's time for Gilles Peterson's world wide radio show.

sexta-feira, março 14, 2008

Got To Get Movin'...

This has to be a quick one today, because I’m heading off to Ghent to see or better hear Gilles Peterson play some records. It was a though choice tonight because Laurent Garnier is in town at Petrol. He’s playing a four hour set tonight. Maybe if Peterson doesn’t take too long, I could pop in at Petrol later on. Who knows?

But for now I present to you: Chrome Hoof. I read an interview with Gilles Peterson in a newspaper and he mentioned this band. I took a quick look on emusic and they’re really ok. Not as groundbreaking as some people wish you to believe, because it basically sounds like King Crimson on disco which is pretty fine by me.


A while ago, I think last week, Tim Sweeney from DFA was in Ghent but I missed it. It was probably pretty swell. Maybe he played some tunes from this new promising DFA act called Hercules & Love Affair. I’ve got the album this week after hearing Blind on the radio. The magazines are full of them with silly promo talk about disco being the new punk. Reminds me a bit of something Frank Zappa once said: Pop journalism is about people who can’t write for people who can’t read about people who can’t play or sing.

Hercules’ Theme

Rubies – I Feel Electric Personal favourites of mine at this very moment. I can’t wait to hear that record from the Rubies.

Grace Jones – On Your Knees (remix)
Lipps, Inc. – Designer Music
Parris – Can't Let Go I heard a short podcast recently from Metro Area and they played this song together with, Azoto, 202 Machine and another obscure song I posted a while ago called Skydiver. Their version was credited to Neon but my version says Ben Richardson and they sound just the same. Strange, I have to figure this out.

Dan Hartman – Vertigo / Relight my Fire
Doris Norton – Doris Norton Lab 1981 Italian curiosum
K.I.D. – Don't Stop 1981
Voggue – Roller Boogie 1981
Dub Narcotic Sound System – Ship To Shore
Lopazz – Share My Rhythm
Lopazz – Credit Card Receipt
Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive disco 12 Belgian dancefloor hero. The rumour goes that Madonna used to dance and sing in his band for a short while and that she lived in Belgium back then but it could turn out to be one of those urban legends that are hard to get rid of.

Pain Of Salvation – Disco Queen I started with prog rock and I will end this session with it. I met a very nice person in Bulgaria last summer who was a big fan of Pain of Salvation. I had never heard of the band but I checked them out and what a surprise, the first thing I heard is a song called Disco Queen. Atypical maybe but nevertheless clever prog rock with a steady groove.

terça-feira, março 11, 2008

Assorted ColorApart from the well known Disco No Disco compilations the Strut label also releases other lesser known but nevertheless brilliant compilations. One of them documents the story of the Compass Point Studios on the Bahamas. Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, when Sly and Robbie where residents at Compass Point, the studios of Island Records boss Chris Blackwell were a reference mark for exotic adventurous dubby vibes. Lizzy Mercier Descloux, the Tom Tom Club and Talking Heads were probably among the first to get some fresh ideas down in Nassau.
The compilation opens with my favourite Grace Jones song My Jamaican Guy. It reminded me that this collaboration of Grace Jones with Sly and Robbie was already documented on the Compass Point Sessions which contains the best recordings Grace Jones ever did. I already posted Warm Leatherette a while ago which is also from these sessions. One of the last tracks is a former unknown nice Chaz Chankel collaboration.

Grace Jones – My Jamaican Guy
Chaz Jankel feat. Laura Weymouth – Whisper

What’s next? dEUS will bring out a new album soon. The first single of that album is promising. I’m not really a diehard dEUS fan. I don’t like all their songs because they tend to sound either as something from GirlsandBoys (bad) or from JJ Cale (good) but Theme From Turnpike is an exception and a favourite of mine, together with the Magnus album Tom Barman did together with CJ Bolland. It seems that they made a more dance oriented album this time which is offcourse pretty fine by me. The title is also appealing considering the fact that I’m a architect myself.

dEUS – The Architect

For now, I add again a mix of rather obscure and more popular disco, rare grooves and assorted dance music.

Powerline – Double Journey
Alice Russell - All Over Now
Jackson Sisters – Miracles
Fred Wesley & The JB's – Blow Your Head
The Crusaders – Free As The Wind
Nightfall – Keep It Up 1977 disco version
Jo Boyer – Isabelle And The Rain 1978 disco version
Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music In The Street
Funky Bureau – Clap Your Hands Together 1977
Black Gold – C'mon Stop 1983
Delegation – Heartache No. 9
The Stylistics – Fly 1978 disco 12*
B.W.H. – Stop 1983 basically, a big classic groove this one
Trippy Disco – Miami Playa heard this song for the first time on a podcast service somewhere, looked up what it was but couldn’t find it anywhere until this week. A very welcome addition to an ever growing network of disco lovers on myspace.

La Prohibita – Flash
La Terremoto de Alcorcon – Time Goes By Con Loli
About a year ago I posted a couple of video’s of some Spanish transvamps I saw at Razmatazz in Barcelona. If it may concern anyone, these are the soundtracks to those video’s.

Erotic Dissidents – Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat
More New Beat with this favourite of mine from back then. Later on I discovered that they stole that groove from Yellow’s Bostich, but it stays a nice tune with a very eye-catching provocative stage show back then.

sexta-feira, março 07, 2008

I’m spending a quiet night at home right now. Tomorrow I’m going to see Múm play at the AB in Brussels but tonight I’m buying airplane tickets for Berlin. My annual birthday trip is coming and I’m spending it this year in Berlin instead of way down south. The funny thing is, that I’m not going there in mid April but at the beginning of May. Two reasons: I wanna see Tempelhof for the last time in action before they close it at the end of this year (it’s not definite yet but very likely) and Brussels Airlines are the only ones who still fly on Tempelhof and the second reason is that I wanna fly cheap because I’m refurbishing my bathroom this (late) summer so I have to turn every penny twice. Brussels Airlines gives offers for early bookers and the beginning of May was the earliest date with a promo left. I should have booked earlier because now I’m not gonna be able to go there at my birthday. A pleasant side effect I guess of this bad planning will probably be the fact that the weather will be slightly better in May than in April. At least I hope so.
Another difference will be the accommodations. I usually stay at hotels or Bed & Breakfasts but this time I’m going to try some couchsurfing. Am I cheap or cheap :-) No, a friend of mine introduced me to this phenomenon after she tried it a couple of times and liked it. I’m going to try it out because contact with locals is always fun and provides great insights in what's going on in a city. So if I like it and it works well I might try it in Japan. I’m longing to go there for quite a while now but Japan is really expensive. If I can surf some couches over there I might be able to save some money. With the money saved I could spend a day or two at a luxury wellness resort at the foot of mount Fuyi ;-) am I cheap or am I…

I talked about New Beat the last time without posting some musical tokens of that style, only the origin. Here are a couple of New Beat classics together with some random tracks.

101 – Rock To The Beat
In-D – Virgin In-D Sky's
Taste Of Sugar – Hmm Hmm

Múm – Dancing Behind My Eyelids
Justus Köhncke – Feuerland
Lykke Li – Little Bit
The Ting Tings – Great DJ
Patrice – Soulstorm
Sharon Jones – Keep On Looking (Kenny Dope remix)
Sharon Jones – How Long Do I Have To Wait For You (Ticklah remix)
Shohreh Solati – To Ke Nisti

Did you ever wonder if people in Iran ever listened to disco before the Ayatollahs took over? Well I did, and apparently they did more than just listen, they even made it themselves. Farsi disco for the homemarket but it’s good enough for export as well. I’ve been getting into it right now and it sounds and looks a bit like Bollywood. Songs are mostly part of a soundtrack but the singers act as well wereas in India songs are usually sung by playback singers.
Solati still performs and makes music for the Iranian Diaspora.

quinta-feira, março 06, 2008

And In A Split Second There Was... New Beat

In 2008 around this time of the year New Beat celebrates its 20th anniversary. Back in 1987/88 it took a Split Second of confusion to create New Beat from A Split Seconds’ 1986 Flesh.

In the early days many people saw New Beat either as a cheap rip-off of EBM or just plain rubbish, a sick joke if you were a Rock addict. Schools got split up in a section that loved it and a camp that hated it. The hate camp was in the majority. I was curious, as ever, a bit confused and intrigued. In never took sides and listened to it in private.

I remember that even the popular radio for young people refused to play it, that’s why it gradually stopped listening to it and switched over to free independent radio and discovered a new world of adventurous leftfield sounds (thanx Radio Centraal). I stopped entirely a couple of years later when Grunge came along. I couldn’t understand why people would rather listen to Pearl Jam, or God forbid, Stone Temple Pilots (without a doubt one of the worst Rock bands ever together with the likes of The Scorpions) while at the same time a musical revolution was taking place. The more diverse sounds on today’s radio, at least in these parts, made me listen back to mainstream radio.

I remember New Beat very vividly. It was something completely different and new. I had some interest in electronic music back then without addressing it in such a way (popcorn, OMD, Soft Cell,… the usual suspects) and no real knowledge, I was too busy catching up with the history of mainstream Pop and Rock like Jimi Hendrix, Zappa,… to be really aware of what was happening at that time. But New Beat changed that, I jumped into the history of dance and electronic music and when I went to college a couple of years later I was ready for all the new exciting and now classic releases on the R&S label and early forms of jungle music. I still have that first sampler of Detroit Techno and treasure it. I hired it from the library but never took it back :-)

Right at the same time New Beat came on the scene, we saw the real popular exposure and rise of Hip-hop around these parts with the success of Public Enemy. These two diverse styles of music together with Frank Zappa were the origins of my musical tastes and active involvement back then. I still was in love with the disco music my older sister used to play but I kind of lost track of it and frankly I was also a bit ashamed of liking it. It was simply not done back then to like disco. Luckily today, I no longer know any shame ;-) disco’s back on top and so is New Beat. Everything comes back if you just wait long enough. Today many people see some value in it and assign it its rightful place as one of the many branches of the tree which we call electronic music.

Some people argue that Hard Boiled from The Human League is the first New Beat track but fact is that it all started when a certain DJ Marc Grouls played Flesh by mistake at 33 1/3 instead of the intended 45 rpm at the notorious Boccaccio club and people seemed to like it. He also pitched it up and as a result you end up with a very trance like slow tempo track at 100 to 120 bpm instead of the original uptempo one. Soon after that the first similar records were made and the whole movement was nicknamed New Beat. I say movement but in fact it wasn’t actually a movement. Pretty soon the sound got more diverse with injections of Acid and the then brand new Detroit Techno and while some people moved to the mainstream with a sound that resulted in a kind of commercial Eurodance others remained in the underground staying close to the principles and esthetic of Electronic Body Music that inspired New Beat in the first place.

A Split Second – Flesh (1986 original 45 rpm)
A Split Second – Flesh (1987 remix)

Frankie Knuckles Pres. Satoshi Tomiie & Robert Owens – Tears I promised you Tears by Robert Owens and Frankie Knuckles the last time but I forgot to ad it. So here it is.

segunda-feira, março 03, 2008

Hellooh, big cheers from apetown. It’s been a while, I know, but I spend a lot of time doing what I like best and that’s listening to music. Some of it winds up here on these pages so it wasn’t all that idle. I went to a lot of concerts lately but I also found time for me records and what I found on the net. There are so many great releases out there these last few months, amazing. I‘ve been listening to a new smashing Justus Köhncke record, a real party animal by Clark on Warp, soothing albums by Lykke Li, Adele, a nice surprise from Vampire Weekend, School of Language,... too much to mention. I also found the new Goldfrapp album on the net. I haven’t heard it yet so that’s still to come. It will be great, can’t miss.

What about the concerts? I went to see Yeahsayer which was really stunning. I was curious how they would reproduce that sound on stage and they delivered it very well, even better than on their record which is actually rather flat in terms of sound. It was one of the many reminders that livemusic practically always has that bit of extra. It was also revealing to hear that Yeahsayer is strongly influenced by dance music.

Another great gig was Sons & Daughters from Scotland. They came to what definitely is the best venue around these parts: The orangerie at la Botanique in Brussels. But I already said that maybe a million times by now, but it’s true.

Let’s see, what else? I almost forgot, I only recently found my all time favourite DJ! And who’s that you might ask? Jazzanova came to the Make-UP club in Ghent. Not all of them but Alex Brack and what he was spinning was just simple awesome. One big trip, I must say that there wasn’t a single track that I knew or had heard before. A very adventurous exotic journey it was.

I missed out on Daniele Baldelli this time, which is a pity, but I saw Âme the week after that. Together with the very first concert of Jens Lekman in Belgium. He has a big meeting coming in the AB in Brussels, but that one was sold out. I discovered that he did a try out at Trix in Antwerp before the sold-out concert and this one wasn’t sold out. Really strange. Having the opportunity to see that guy from up close with the entire band should be more appealing to his fans but apparently not. Lucky me. Funny guy, Jens Lekman and a great musician with a fine almost all female band :-) It struck me that it sounded a bit like Belle and Sebastian.

More reports and sounds coming soon but for now it’s party time. This blog is celebrating its second anniversary! At the same time, this post is number 200! What a coincidence.

What better way to celebrate than with another mega upload. I’ve been going through me records the past few weeks (picture a laptop on a chair, a big cupboard with the hifi and a lot of wires, not so comfortable that is I must say). I will be posting some tracks by Robert Owens soon because he has a new record out. But first the old classics: I’ll be your friend and my favourite one, Tears with Mr. Fingers aka Larry Heard. There is some more disco and Italo with a couple of old reposts.

A brand new Belgian section will be coming shortly. Meanwhile you can already hear and get them on the box widget over at the bongo page. Have fun!

Tegan and Sara – Back In Your Head

The Teenagers – French Kiss

Agoria – All I Need

Kingzie – Pulse [Club Mix]

TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos feat. Robert Owens – Merging (original mix)

Robert Owens – I'll be Your Friend

Jump – Funkatarium

Soha – Gardens

Metro Area – Proton Candy

Abraham – Magpie (Morgan Geist remix)

Lindstrøm – Another Station (Todd Terje remix)

Metro Area – Let's Get...

Sharon Brown – I Specialize in Love (12 mix)

World Premiere – Share the Night

Delilah – Give a Little Love 1978

THP Orchestra – Dancin' Forever 1979

THP Orchestra – Two Hot For Love 1978

Patrice Rushen – Number One

Chaz Jankel – Number One

T-Connection – Disco Magic 1976

The Super Disco Band – Super Disco 1976

Voyage – Lady America 1978

ABC – The Look Of Love (12 remix)

Bobby Womack feat. The Crusaders – Inherit The Wind

Paul Cacia Band – Saved By Your Love 1978

202 Machine – Rock Your Body (12 inch) 1980

Andrea True Connection – More, More, More 1977

Andrea True Connection – Party Line 1976

Azoto – Anytime Or Place 1980

Azoto – Soft Emotion

Bombers – Get Dancing

Bombers – Shake

The Jones Girls – Night Over Egypt

The Jones Girls – You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else 1979

The Jones Girls – You Can't Have My Love

Odessey – Inside Out

The Mike Theodore Orchestra – Cosmic Wind 1977

Crown Heights Affair – Galaxy Of Love 12 1978

Crown Heights Affair – You Gave Me Love 1980

Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom (single version 1987)

Soccer – Give Me Your Love 1980

Paper Doll - Get Down Boy 1977

Phyllis Hyman – So Strange (rare dance mix)

Sharon Redd – In The Name OF Love

Kimiko Kasai with Herbie Hancock – I Thought It Was You

D-Train – Tryin' To Get Over (12 inch Malesh Flanger dub mix)

James D-Train Williams – Keep On

Jimmy Spicer – The Bubble Bunch 1981

Linda Clifford – Shoot Your Best Shot 1980

Larry Wu – Let Me Show You

Citi – Roller Disco 1979

Flakes – Miss Fine Lover 1979 disco 12

Ben Richardson – Sky Diver 1979

Stereo – Somewhere In The Night 1982

Amnésie – Turas 1983*

Ashaye – Electricity (extended 1983)

Talko – Psyko Flash 1983*

Sissy – Queen Of Discoteque 1984*

Check Up Twins – Sexy Teacher 1985*

Vicki Benson – Easy Love