segunda-feira, março 13, 2006

Alim Qasimov

I've never been to Azerbaijan and I'm sure none of you has ever been there too or will be makin' plans in the near future to go there. Still, I would like to go there, ever since I've heard and saw Alim Qasimov perform. Alim Qasimov is Azerbaijan's most famous son and all over the (Arab) world loved and praised as the greatest vocalist in - to keep it plain and simple -classic Arabian / Persian music. At least since Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died. Here you hear Alim Qasimov perform a tributre to the late Qawali singer in a duet with his daughter Ferganah Qasimov, who's also a great singer.

Ey Encanlar [Tears Flow from My Eyes... Like Rain]

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