sábado, abril 14, 2007

Soy La Terremoto

I’m back from Barcelona. It was great. Barcelona feels more like home every time I go there and my fellow travellers were also in fine shape. I didn’t get around doing what I had programmed but I got a lot of opportunity to satisfy the anthropologist in me. Learning how people live and organise their lives is always interesting stuff.
There was one thing though, that I finely got around doing and that was visiting Razzmatazz, home of the Loft. People we knew in Barcelona had an evening planned for us at the Razzmatazz. On Monday Samantha Fox was coming to Barcelona as part of her comeback tour. I never was that much into Samantha Fox but it brings back memories. On the same bill there was a drag act from Madrid that I didn’t know.

Samantha Fox was fun, sometimes even hilarious but she had some of the coolest female dancers I ever saw. Great show but then it really had to start. I thought that Samantha was the main act and the drag show was the support but it was actually the other way around. La Terremoto was the name and apparently she/he is really hot in Spain.

When La Terremoto sang – or playbacked – one of her hits, I suddenly realised that I knew this person. La Terremoto was all over youtube a while ago with a silly cover of Madonna’s Hung Up which was on it’s turn again a reworking of an ABBA song. Time goes by, con Loli. A real anthem. And so was the rest. A fine selection of tracks, old and new stuff, random styles, very disco, badly mixed though, but it added to the charm of it all. It just went on and on until 6 ‘o clock. A wild crowd and crowdsurfing drags. It’s been a while that I had so much fun. Something to remember, La Terremoto de Alcorcón & El Arte De Las Feldene Flesh.

There was also a guest appearance of La Prohibida. Another drag from Spain but this one I knew from the song Flash. So enjoy!


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