quarta-feira, janeiro 30, 2008

Disco Bola

I was thinking that the 10.000th visitor deserved something extra but you guys were ahead of me. So here it is, a bit late, one mega upload of all the stuff I was actually working on when that fatal crash happened. Lots of Disco and Italo stuff again. Some are pretty rare and obscure while others are well known classics or are brand new ones like The Rodion tracks. Just released on the Gomma label.

But first DJ Baldelli who is coming to Ghent again in one of the coming months. The Gomma label is currently offering free DJ sets from the Heyday of Daniele Baldelli.

Daniele Baldelli – Safari*
Daniele Baldelli Dj – Get Funky
Daniele Baldelli Dj – Cosmic Parsley
Daniele Baldelli Dj – Girotondo Phobos 2006 Gomma

THP (Orchestra) – Good To Me 1979
Sumeria – Cosmic Traveller
Azoto – Exalt Exalt
Azoto – San Salvador 1979
Mr. Flagio – Take A Chance 1983
Klein & MBO – Dirty Talk
Vivien Vee – Give Me A Break
Cyber People – Void Vision 1984
Munich Machine – In Love With Love (1978 Giorgio Moroder)*
Miro Miroe – Nights Of Arabia (12)-inch) 1982*

Air Power - Welcome To The Disco 1979
Bohannon – Disco Symphony 1977
Cal Tjader – Soul Sauce
Harlem Pop Trotters – Penwick
Gino Soccio – Try it out (12inch)*
Keith Barrow – Turn Me Up
Donna Rhodes – Extra Terrestrial (E.T.) 1982*
Dunn Pearson Jr. – Groove On Down 1978

The Stylistics – Fly 1978
Two Man Sound – Que Tal America
The Salsoul Orchestra - It's A New Day 1977
The Hills Of Kat Mandu – Tantra*
T-Connection – Let Yourself Go 1977*
Raul de Souza – Sweet Lucy 1977
The Love Unlimited Orchestra – My Sweet Summer Suite
Marlena Shaw – Touch Me In The Morning (12inch)

The Mike Theodore Orchestra – Disco People 1979
The Mike Theodore Orchestra – The Bull 1977

Dexter Wansel – I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco) 12inch 1979
Dexter Wansel – Dance With Me Tonight 1977

Vin Zee – Funky Bee Bop 1981
Firefly – Love Is Gonna Be On Your Side 1980
Osiris – Gamin'
Sun – Sun Is Here
George Duke – I Want You For Myself
Henry Mancini – Keyboard Harmony 1979 Ten OST
Erotic Drum Band – Pop Pop Shoo Wah 1979*
Alec R. Costandinos – Winds Of Change 1979
Cissy Houston – Think It Over
Kat Mandu – The Break 1979*
Jupiter Sunset Band – Stranger In Paradise 1977
La Flavour – Mandolay 1979
Herbie Hancock – The Spook Who Sat By The Door (Reprise)

El Coco – Dancing In Paradise 1978
El Coco – Afrodesia 1978
El Coco – Let's get It Together
El Coco – Cocomotion part I and II 1977

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Love Magic 1979
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – I Can't Stop 1976
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Ain't That Enough For You

The Brothers Johnson – Welcome To The Club
The Brothers Johnson – Tomorrow
The Brothers Johnson - Stomp!
The Brothers Johnson - Ain't We Funkin' Now
The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23
The Brothers Johnson – Get the Funk outta ma Face

Madleen Kane - Fever (1978)
Madleen Kane – It's So Good (C'est Ci Bon)
Janne Schaffer – Ryska Posten

Jape – I Was A Man – myspaceonly
Playgroup – Cheikh Sidi Bemol
Playgroup - Secret Sunday Lover
Escort – Love In Indigo
Escort - A Bright New Life
Putsch '79 – Asian Girls
Rodion – Fisico - Gomma
Rodion – Electric Soca - Gomma

domingo, janeiro 27, 2008


There's something that I simply have to share with y'all!.
I seriously adore Bollywood music, movies and dancing. I'm quite charmed by it but that doesn't prevant me from seeing the joke of it, every once in a while. Certainly when someone starts to play a hard game by (un)willingly hearing Hindi or in this case Tamil as a sort of cryptic English lyrics. I've seen the original version of this video somewhere before, I think on the site of a myspace buddy, meanwhile enjoy this brilliant ripp off!

For those who are afraid of wed Sari's and Wacko Jacko pastiche I offer the soundtrack to this little marvelous ditty: Prabhu Deva & Saya Jela - Kalluri Vaanil

terça-feira, janeiro 22, 2008


So, what’s new? I’m back online but that hasn’t resulted yet in much activity on these pages. But things will get better. The loss of data just ransacked my whole agenda of uploads and posts. Instead of focusing on re-uploading old ones I have to focus on the last ones because they’re my only reminder of what was still on my computer and what is now lost.

Meanwhile, I heard these two tracks, just the other day on the radio. They work well together. One is from a new band from Ghent called Headphone. They’re providing their first single for free to get a lot of airplay and they deserve it. If you ask me, they got their name from atrack from Static called Headphones. The second one is an old German classic from 1978.

Headphone – Ghostwriter
Supermax – Lovemachine

While I was looking for it I found my favourite Holger Czukay album On The Way To The Peak Of Normal. This track is still pure magic, just like Persian Love Song from the album Movies which I have posted before.

Holger Czukay – Flagrance

domingo, janeiro 20, 2008

More Fun with Tocadisco's Morumbi

and Herby and Quincy layin’ down the vibes

sábado, janeiro 19, 2008

Comeback kid ;-)

Hey, hey, I’m back! It didn’t take much time to have my laptop working again. Less than I thought. I spend all evening installing programs and data and typing my email and passwords like dozens of times but I’m almost through with it now. It’s still a pitty that I lost some of the music files but maybe I can recover them. I will see.

So let’s celebrate. One of the tracks that I lost was one of the most enjoyable tracks of 2007… Chymera’s Shadowdancer. I saw this guy play a DJ set at Café Capital a while back but only a couple of weeks ago I purchased me a legal download. Now it’s lost and it seem that I can’t re-download it, a damn shame. Never mind, I found an illegal download instead. So here’s the full 12-inch in full glory.

Chymera – Shadowdancer
Chymera – Planetarium
Chymera – I Know Now What You Seek

sábado, janeiro 12, 2008

Are Friends Electric?

If loosing data was not enough trouble… I just found out that the hard disk of my notebook has crashed. It looks like 2008 is going to be a very happy new year!

At this very moment I'm sitting at work, checking my mails and writing this post because that notebook or laptop was the only computer I had. So, it looks like it’s going to a very quite period for this blog.
They can fix my laptop and put in another drive but I stocked a lot of recent data on the broken one.

Maybe in a week or two I will be able to upload some more music and stuff. In the meanwhile, surf on, there’s lots of other, even better music sites on the net. Cheers.

quarta-feira, janeiro 09, 2008

Mes premières petites bijoux de 2008

Olivia Ruiz – Petite Fable
from a nice Edith Piaf tribute CD
Xiu Xiu – I Do What I Want When I Want
as always, totally awesome and custom made for yours truely
Love Is All – Talk Talk Talk Talk
all you need is...
SoKo – I’ll Kill Her
pardon my French

It’s only recent that I heard this song play on the radio but when I went looking for some information about it, it turned out that it was originally posted on youtube in November 2006. That’s more than a year ago!
I don’t have all day to surf the net for the newest hypes, names and styles. Not even the blogs, so it turns out that I really belong to an older generation that mainly relies on the radio and magazines for first hand information about music. The problem is that radio is losing its edge in matters like this. But still, the best things will find their way from the underground to the surface so maybe it works like a kind of filter. On the other hand it’s always nice to discover certain artists and music way before other people do. It happens when you surf the net and it's fun when it touches real time. Like for instance Jape. I’ve heard it on the net without knowing that it came from Dublin and while visiting Dublin I hear his music again. He's big overthere. Meanwhile, here in Belgium, he’s virtually unknown, yet to be discovered. But things are changing. I heard Aeroplane play one of his tunes in a DJ set at the Make Up.

Imagination – a1 Just An Illusion (Lindstrøm dub)
Imagination – b1 Just An Illusion (Lindstrøm vocal remix)
231 Imagination – b2 Just An Illusion (original 1982 version)

terça-feira, janeiro 08, 2008


Hiya folks, I have some bad news. All my Divshare links are dead again and this time for good it seems. They found out what I used my accound for and desided to deleted all the tracks. Cummulated with the lost Zshare files makes 6 months of work down the drain.

But don't worry, I was already planning to upgrade my box account because it turned out to be the best deal after all. So now I have to re-upload all or some of these lost tracks to my Box account.
Meanwhile you can listen to the most recent working link on this site from 16 July 2007.

Dexter Wansel – Disco Lights (1977)

I'm currently loading the last post about Yelle and Robyn, so that one should be online again by toninght.

All tracks that are re-uploaded will carry this colour. I will probably give priority to everything that is labelled with a number in order to upgrade my Black Gold Radio page and to stuff that is also featuring on my Bongopage of native sounds. I have a nice and easy Box player installed on these other pages which play all the so far uploaded tracks.
It's a kind of podcast but you can also download separate tracks.

If you have request, what I should upload again first, let me know.

segunda-feira, janeiro 07, 2008

Yelle + Robyn

I'm sitting here behind my computer, working, so I have some time as well to upload more music. One synthi bubblegum lollipop leads to another. Last year 2 mainstream female popsingers came to my attention. One is French, Yelle, and the other one is Swedish, Robyn.

Yelle fits right in in this context of French Yéyé and pop plastic. She made a cover of an old French popclassic A Cause Des Garçons on the hip Kitsuné label. It originally came out as a digital single only. Thanks to the new clip for the Tepr remix of the song we all had the chance to get fully acquainted with the French Hardstyle of dancing called Tecktonik.

Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons [Box]
Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons (Tepr remix) [Box]
Yelle – A Cause Des Garçons (Riot In Belgium remix) [Box]

Yelle – Je Veux te Voir [Box]
Yelle – Jogging [Box]
Yelle – Short Dick Cuiz (Tepr remix) [Box]
Yelle – Tristesse Joie [Box]

Now that the Swedish pop princess and child prodigy Robyn isn’t crippled anymore by the bright marketing ideas from a major label (BMG that is), she is free to do what she want’s to do and that is to move away from the cheese and onto some more intelligent popmusic.
It’s still mainstream but she now makes very melodic vocal led popsongs with a crush for the dancefloor. The whole set on her new album Robyn is pretty flawless and has hardly a weak moment. Lots of variation. Sure it’s pretty slick and in the end it false a bit apart but a charmingly straightforward cover of Prince’s already funny Jack U Off, makes it all right again and makes the balance tip in the right direction. I never thought that I would ever again develop such a liking for an album from a mainstream popartist. A real surprise.

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches [Box]
Robyn – Cobrastyle [Box]
Robyn feat. Kleerup – With Every Heartbeat [Box]
Robyn – Crash And Burn Girl [Box]

A bit of a site dish, a nice suprise in 2007 was also a return (one of many) of Lio. She made a contribution to the song Les Matin De Paris of the French producer Teki Latex and they both had a hit with it in France.

Teki Latex & Lio - Les Matins De Paris [Box]

I just read BBC’s Sound of 2008 list and the first name on that list is Adele. She’s bound to be one of the big promising artist for this year. She will release her first album at the end of this month but there’s already a second single from it called Chasing Pavements. Up until now I was only amused and intrigued by what I heard from her but this song is definitely really something. Great track!

Adele – Chasing Pavements [Box]

domingo, janeiro 06, 2008

Elli et Jacno

Did you ever wonder what the missing link between Lio and Les Rita Mitsouko could be?

Probably not but don't worry, I did it for ya. Somewhere in the outskirts of my memory I still had a faint notion about a French electro-pop duo called Elli et Jacno. I just purchased me a copy of an old compilation album. They were actually quite successful in France and Belgium and to some extent in Britain, having been featured once on the front page of Melody Maker magazine. The relative success in Britain was probably due to the fact that they both used to be a member of the illustrious punk band The Stinky Toys. As one of the first new wave bands, The Stinky Toys are notable for their influence in the history of punk music, having directly inspired Malcolm Maclaren. In 1976 the band took part in the first punk music festival, the 100 Club Punk Festival in London, sharing the bill with other mostly unsigned bands as The Damned and Buzzcocks.

After the split of the band in 1979 Denis Quillard alias Jacno and Elli Medeiros decided to start a musical popduo featuring synthesizers.
Already while playing with the Stinky Toys, Jacno released a big hit with a electronic instrumental track called Rectangle which was used for a Nesquick ad (Nestle's chocolate powder drink). Then, Elli et Jacno became a duo and started to revive the 60's French Yéyé with 80's electro arrangements. They didn’t dismiss the punk attitude though. As a result they had a very minimalist approach to music which resulted in Jacno's telegram-style of playing on the synthesizer and the infamous one note solos.

They wrote not only for themselves but also for others. Amoureux Solitaires for instance was one of the songs they wrote for Lio. Jacno composed and performed the music and Elli sang and wrote the lyrics. They released three albums together before splitting up and beginning separate solo careers. Elli Medeiros was the most successful one with hits in most of Europe and abroad.

Elli Medeiros was a kind of roll model for Catherine Ringer. Not so much for her singing but more in terms of style and certainly the way of dancing.

Jacno – Rectangle

Elli et Jacno – Main Dans Le Main
Elli et Jacno – Je T’aime Tant
Elli et Jacno – Les Jolis Matous
Elli et Jacno – Chica Chica Bongo

Elli Medeiros – Toi Mon Toit 1985
Elli Medeiros – A Bailar Calypso

sábado, janeiro 05, 2008

Flying Sorcerer

Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday and then the Make-Up club in Ghent is presenting a fresh new Belgian act on the Eskimo label called Aeroplane. Aeroplane may be new this year but the duo behind it isn’t. It's a project by Vito De Luca & DJ Stephen residents at Dirty Dancing in Brussels and the Make-Up Club. So it’s actually only a residents night but wrapped in a new fancy paper :-)

In the wake of Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and Trentemøller, their music could be categorised as cosmic nu-disco or balearic grooves. Call it whatever you like, I’m glad that there are people who are not only making this kind of music but who are also playing it in the clubs. The Make-Up has recently celebrated it’s first birthday and looking back I spend a lot of time there last year. I guess it will not be any different this year with music like this and the likes of Baldelli , Greg Wilson, Justus Köhncke,…

Pacific Air Race*. Caramellas*. Aeroplane*

If you wanna know where the aeroplane reference comes from, the liner notes at the
make-up site tells the following story:

The offspring of a pilot dad and painter mum, young Stephen was a child prodigy who become a professional roller-skater at the age of six. A brilliant student, he combined French literature and interior decoration. When he saw Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on MTV in the summer of 1991 he decided to become an opera singer. Sacked from the academy because of smoking in the lavatories he followed the footsteps of his idol Patrick Swayze and joined a night course dirty dancing. When an aeroplane crashed into the school, Stephen rescued its record collection from the burning building. When he played some tunes on his brother Vito's wedding, he was blinded by the glitter ball and mistakenly saw this as a sign of God telling him to play regularly in a holy basement in Ghent by the name of MAKE-UP.

Since we’re high in Balearic spheres, I ad this year’s debutant Sorcerer. The name Sorcerer makes it look like a 70’s Hard Rock act, certainly with an album title as White Magic, but it’s actually an impressive instrumental mix of 80’s electro pop, psychedelic Kraut-motorik and nu-disco grooves. Somebody called Egyptian Sunset a balearic classic in the making, while Divers Go It Deeper is a very suggestive, slow-motion, late night groove. My favourite one is Surfing at Midnight.
Listening back a lot of the tracks on the album are very persuasive bud shaking slow jams. Maybe not exactly made for the dance floor but certainly worth a try in your living room. It’s on the Tirk label which is also re-releasing Chaz Jankel, Greg Wilson and Fujiya & Miyagi.

Divers Go It Deeper*
Surfing At Midnight*
Egyptian Sunset*
Bamboo Brainwave*

quinta-feira, janeiro 03, 2008

Short Circuit Shock Rock

Things are fine again. Links are all back and uploading has been back on.

Just a quick ad while we’re here. One of the most funny compilations last year was Discovered – As sampled by Daft Punk. Apparently some people were quite chocked to find out that Daft Punk owes so much to existing records. If you know these guys longer, you know that that’s what they’re really good at. Taking long forgotten dance classics and raving them up for the present dancefloor. Is it a rip off? Maybe it is, but it still sounds great. Here are a couple of the originals. Just guess which one’s which. It’s not that difficult.

227 Breakwater – Release The Beast
228 George Duke – I Love You More
229 Chaka Khan – Fate
230 Little Anthony & The Imperials – Can You Imagine

terça-feira, janeiro 01, 2008

Ja' pub

Hi there… I hope everybody got save and sound trough New Year’s Eve . I know I did... but, as I discovered to my surprise, most links on my weblog didn’t. For some obscure reason all the Divshare links are gone. I still have to figure this out. I hope that more than 3GB of data are not lost for ever. uploading is down also, so for the moment no lalala - Everything's fixed now.

Anyway, no time for worries now, I just arrived back from Dublin for a short city trip on NYE. A awful lot of people, mostly foreigners with false expectations attracted by an ace publicity trick called 'The Irish Pub', visit Dublin every year for NYE which is pretty strange ‘cause there’s absolutely nothing special going on in Dublin on NYE! No fireworks, no public gatherings… just pubs and drunks, and lots of them.
Apparently the Irish themselves haven’t got a f***in’ clue either why all those people want to spend NYE in Dublin, apart from shopping off course because sales were on.
I guess Halloween and Saint Patrick’s Day are far better occasions to visit Ireland and Dublin if you really want to party. Hardly any concerts, events, activities,...

Was it than such a drag? No, Dublin is nice and small, nice people, nice food, nice weather (13 degrees Celsius!) and sure there’s atmosphere but it’s always the same on those islands… when everything starts to get loose in the early morning they close the pub or the club sometime around 1 or 2’o clock. There are some late night clubs but they are scarce and rather mainstream hithouse/eurotrash.

We’re not used to that in Belgium. Here, all the fine clubs just go on, all night long. Again a reminder how spoild we are in terms of nightlife. I mean, even some restaurants don't close at 1'o clock and all mayor cities like Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent are within a 50km range. If you don't like what's going on in one, you can just drive to the next one.

One problem we had in Dublin was that we hadn’t booked a hotel for that night, so we had some time to kill to catch our plane back at 7’o clock. We managed but without the intended traditional fish and chippers because they were all closed as well at that time in the morning, even though there were still a lot of people on the streets of Dublin.

So what did Dublin brought me this year? Some wonderful music! I learned about the new Irish hope in these cold winter days called Jape. He’s an multitalented artist with varied tastes. Maybe a bit like Beck, if it’s of any help to you. He played a concert that night in Whelan’s but it was sold out.

If you visit Dublin and want some alternative for the tourist trap called Temple Bar, I found out that you can go to the likes of Wexford Street and Camden (where Whelans is), one of the main roads going south to Portebello (another location for nightlife) and Rathmines from Temple Bar.

Apparently it was his birthday aswell. He released an EP in 2007 called Jape is Grape (so people can pronounce his name right) and which just now turned into one of my favourites for 2007.
The main track is called Floating which also has a nice videoclip. It’s about various floating vegetables and fruits, sounds light-headed and pretty, but there’s a dark undercurrent in the music which get’s appropriately reflected by the reason why they are floating and where to. Christopher and Anthony is a current free download on his myspace.

Jape – Floating
Jape – Christopher and Anthony

by Daddy and M&E