sábado, janeiro 05, 2008

Flying Sorcerer

Today is Friday. Tomorrow is Saturday and then the Make-Up club in Ghent is presenting a fresh new Belgian act on the Eskimo label called Aeroplane. Aeroplane may be new this year but the duo behind it isn’t. It's a project by Vito De Luca & DJ Stephen residents at Dirty Dancing in Brussels and the Make-Up Club. So it’s actually only a residents night but wrapped in a new fancy paper :-)

In the wake of Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and Trentemøller, their music could be categorised as cosmic nu-disco or balearic grooves. Call it whatever you like, I’m glad that there are people who are not only making this kind of music but who are also playing it in the clubs. The Make-Up has recently celebrated it’s first birthday and looking back I spend a lot of time there last year. I guess it will not be any different this year with music like this and the likes of Baldelli , Greg Wilson, Justus Köhncke,…

Pacific Air Race*. Caramellas*. Aeroplane*

If you wanna know where the aeroplane reference comes from, the liner notes at the
make-up site tells the following story:

The offspring of a pilot dad and painter mum, young Stephen was a child prodigy who become a professional roller-skater at the age of six. A brilliant student, he combined French literature and interior decoration. When he saw Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on MTV in the summer of 1991 he decided to become an opera singer. Sacked from the academy because of smoking in the lavatories he followed the footsteps of his idol Patrick Swayze and joined a night course dirty dancing. When an aeroplane crashed into the school, Stephen rescued its record collection from the burning building. When he played some tunes on his brother Vito's wedding, he was blinded by the glitter ball and mistakenly saw this as a sign of God telling him to play regularly in a holy basement in Ghent by the name of MAKE-UP.

Since we’re high in Balearic spheres, I ad this year’s debutant Sorcerer. The name Sorcerer makes it look like a 70’s Hard Rock act, certainly with an album title as White Magic, but it’s actually an impressive instrumental mix of 80’s electro pop, psychedelic Kraut-motorik and nu-disco grooves. Somebody called Egyptian Sunset a balearic classic in the making, while Divers Go It Deeper is a very suggestive, slow-motion, late night groove. My favourite one is Surfing at Midnight.
Listening back a lot of the tracks on the album are very persuasive bud shaking slow jams. Maybe not exactly made for the dance floor but certainly worth a try in your living room. It’s on the Tirk label which is also re-releasing Chaz Jankel, Greg Wilson and Fujiya & Miyagi.

Divers Go It Deeper*
Surfing At Midnight*
Egyptian Sunset*
Bamboo Brainwave*

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