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JUNO in The Trees

In 2007 Juno Records is ten years old, and to celebrate that they are releasing ten classic dance tracks, each remixed by leading producers including Julien Jabre, Spirit Catcher, Dimitri from Paris, Lindstrøm, Troy Pierce and many more.
To launch the series,
Faze Action's seminal deep house classic In The Trees is remixed by Carl Craig, Jerome Sydenham and Tiger Stripes. Especially the Craig remixes are worthwhile and makes one press the repeat button.

As someone else wrote it on the net: beginning with dramatic stabbing synths, Craig slowly layers the key elements – a subtle kick, chugging breakbeat and pitch-shifting pads – into an impressive, all-encompassing groove. The eventual arrival of the distinctive orchestration of the original is quite an event – doubled-up and slightly phased, the strings carry an impressive malice unthinkable from the original. Craig is content to let them play out with only the lightweight breakbeat for support – the kick arrives a full two minutes later, supported by a 'Throw'-style snippet of the original bassline and those marauding synths. It's a big track –

To say the least. The original isn’t that bad either. What’s more it’s a classic that deserves this kind of treatment. Faze Action's 1996 original on Nuphonic was one of the first and best things released on the then brand new label. 2 brothers, Simon and Robin Lee are behind the concept. As bona fide disco music connoisseurs, their sound was an instant blast: lush strings and heavy bass bringin' the dancefloor back to the best underground disco years, without the cheese or the roller skates. They fitted right in the Nuphonic credo - almost anything goes as long as it's good, and not techno. It’s still today luminous and sensitive dance music, the epitomy of deep house that you could actually get lost into in da club and listen to at home on a rainy Sunday. In those day’s it was for a year or two the best thing around.

Faze Action – In The Trees (original 1996 version)
Faze Action – In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 mix #1)
Faze Action – In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 mix #2)

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