domingo, novembro 12, 2006

King Kong

On the 4th of December it will be 13 years since Frank Zappa past away after a long period of fighting cancer. I still remember what day it was when someone at school brought me the news. I was doing a final exam at the moment just before the winter break at college. It didn’t got trough to me right away. I knew he was ill but dead was the last of my thoughts.

Anyway, here's some advanced romance since it still being November and all…

King Kong Itself (As Played By The Mothers In A Studio)
King Kong II (Its Magnificence As Interpreted By Dom Dewild)
King Kong III (As Motorhead Explains It)
King Kong IV (Gardner Varieties)
King Kong V
King Kong VI (Live at Miami Pop Festival)

for the rest… Anything, Anytime For Absolutely No Reason At All

Mike Nesmith and Frank Zappa on ‘The Monkees’ show

This is probably my favourite version of the band doing Florentine Pogen

The same, doing Approximate (1974) – I only wish music classes were like that in my days


The Ensemble Modern
playin’ A Pound for a Brown at the Frankfurt Opera

And of course… King Kong again

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