segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2008

Ba Da Bing !

The online musicshop emusic welcomed another free independent label Ba Da Bing, best known for the band Beirut, with a fine album worth of free songs from various bands on the label.

The counter down below is almost hitting 25.000 visitors. That's why I'm offering you this free emusic goodies! They go by the name of Ba Da Bing Records Super Fantastic Oh Boy Fun For Free Sampler.

Elephant Gun – Beirut
Elevator – Devon Williams
Days Without Rain – Patrick Cleandenim
A Fig For Misfortune – Colossal Yes
Stop – Essie Jain
Day For Night – Greg Weeks
Dark Anvil Skies – Adrian Crowley
For All The Headlines – Benjamin Wetherill
I Wait For You – Yume Bitsu
Return To Heaven – Comets On Fire
The Magicians – The Dead C

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