domingo, agosto 17, 2008

Jamdown Soul System

I had this stuff lying around on the net ready to be posted but I don’t know what to tell about it, except that I really like reggae, especially if it got a lot of soul like these ones.

Bryan Shrowder – Star Trek
Jackie Mittoo – Deeper And Deeper
Richard Ace – Can’t Get Enough
Sounds pretty distorted by I like this lo-fi sound.
The Tamlins – Baltimore
The Eternals – Queen of the Minstrels
In-Crowd – Mango Walk
The Heptones – Message from a Black Man
Junior Marvin – Give Me Your Love
Junior Marvin’s high pitched voice suits this Curtis Mayfield song very well.

sábado, agosto 16, 2008

Hot Buttered Soul 25.000

Mister hot buttered Soul is no longer… one of my favourite voices and songwriters Isaac Hayes has passed away.

Your average biography of Isaac Hayes goes somethin’ like: autodidact piano playing rookie gets a stint at Stax, with his friend Porter he becomes a successful songwriters duo, gets the change to do some solo work, comes up with a couple of classics and his trademark bling bling style, hits it big time with Shaft, makes some more albums in the seventies that gradually contain more and more disco music instead of his hallmark mix of funk, rap and soul which back then and for some people still today means ultimo the end because of the notion of disco as bad commercial music, so he hits rockbottom, starts acting and in the nineties becomes The love crazed down-to-earth Chef in the Southpark episodes until he decides to quit because they mock his then newly adopted rich person’s fiction lifestyle called Scientology and… dies, the end.

Luckily in reality things are more complex than that. Take for instance the disco music he made. Well, if Isaac Hayes decides to play some disco you can be sure it’s no ordinary dancebeat but a richly orchestrated workout like for instance Disco Connection from 1975.

I was preparing an new upload so I integrated it in the intended-to-be-but-still-not-a-mix.

Closer Musik – Departures
After Love is still a classic and one of Kompakt's shining moments from Dirk Leyers and Matias Aguayo.
Booka shades – Outskirts
From the new album.
In Flagranti – Bipolar
Optimo – Cake And Milk
From The Discerning Dancefloor.
Deastro – Light Powered
An emusic pick. A young guy
Randolph Chabot’s debut album Keeper’s. A nice one with this standout track.
Global Communication – 8 07
Yam Yam – Subduction Zone
Los Hermanos – Quetzal
M&H Band – Popcorn 1987
Still looking for the original version ‘cause this is part of a Dimitri from Paris mix.
The Armed Gang – All I Want (Vocal Version-Disco 1982)
Sheila and B. Devotion – Charge Of Plates and Credit Cards
From the Spacer album.
Chaz Jankel – Glad To Know You (Todd Terje Re-edit)
Donna Summer – Love Is In Control
Diana Ross – I’m coming Out (Chic mix)

Vocoder style madness part 1
Wanda Walden – Don't You Want My Lovin' (1981)
Diana Ross – Upside Down (Chic mix)
.ogg files, that’s why the Ross tracks don’t show up in the player.
Diana Ross – My old Piano (Chic mix)
Nicole Willis And The Soul Investigators – Feeling Free
I always like playing this song before I got out to dance and besides that, it blends nicely with the next one… Isaac Hayes – Disco Connection 1975
Wynd Chymes – Baby You’re The One
Michele – Disco Dance (Tom Moulton produced, Patrick Cowley remix)
These are the Breaks!...
Bamboo – Spaceship Crashing
T-Connection – Party Night
Roger Troutman & The Human Body – Freedom (Zapp)
Vocoder style madness part 2
Mid Air – Ease Out
Universal robot Band – Barely Breaking Even (Club Version)
Candido – Dancin' & Prancin'
From the Jango album which also features Thousand Fingered Man.
Organic Grooves – Memory Pool
Dexter Wansel – You Can Be What You Wanna Be
Leroy Hudson – Love The Feeling
Jimmy Bo Horne – I Get Lifted
Daniel Janin et Son Orchestre – Saramina
Eddie Henderson – Inside You
I’ve got a massive load of these and more heavy fusion stuff that I would like to post some day.
Rhythm Heritage – Three Days of The Condor
Larry Graham With Graham Central Station – Star Walk – Tonight
An ace bass player and underappreciated singer. One of my favourite.

segunda-feira, agosto 11, 2008

Ba Da Bing !

The online musicshop emusic welcomed another free independent label Ba Da Bing, best known for the band Beirut, with a fine album worth of free songs from various bands on the label.

The counter down below is almost hitting 25.000 visitors. That's why I'm offering you this free emusic goodies! They go by the name of Ba Da Bing Records Super Fantastic Oh Boy Fun For Free Sampler.

Elephant Gun – Beirut
Elevator – Devon Williams
Days Without Rain – Patrick Cleandenim
A Fig For Misfortune – Colossal Yes
Stop – Essie Jain
Day For Night – Greg Weeks
Dark Anvil Skies – Adrian Crowley
For All The Headlines – Benjamin Wetherill
I Wait For You – Yume Bitsu
Return To Heaven – Comets On Fire
The Magicians – The Dead C

sábado, agosto 09, 2008

[warning: nerd alert!]

Sheva's Dance

As a person who tries to follow the way of the Buddha through quantum physics and relativity, the completion of the French/Swiss Large Hadron Collider or LHC from CERN is pretty exciting news.

The first tests on the big particle accelerator are set for today and the ‘Big Bang’ is scheduled for 10 September. Luckily there are other likeminded people out there who feel the same ‘thrill’ and adopt a similar attitude towards this event, so if you like to know what it all means just watch this edutaining rap video from CERN.

If everything goes well and the damn expensive machine actually works, we will see if present theories are right or whether we have start from scratch again. Either way, it will be a big important event and what better way to celebrate this than with some music.

BTW, the awkward combination of songtitles is purely accidental.

Omni feat. Connee Draper – Out Of My Hands
Ago – Stop Your Life 1982
Nexus – Stand Up 1983
Amin Peck – Suicidal 1983
Fra Lippo Lippi – Say Something 1984

You might have noticed that things are a bit slow around here but hey… it’s summer ya know

domingo, agosto 03, 2008

Meanwhile, while others were walking down the street with people’s heads, I’ve been watching Michelangelo Antonioni’s classic The Passenger again starring Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider.
A fun asset of DVD reissues are the extras. I watched it with the audio comment of Jack Nicholson giving explanation and background info to the scenes, locations and co-starring actors and Antonioni’s vision. Now I finally know how they did that monumental final shot :-) at least if Jack Nicholson is really telling the truth because his story is pretty mindboggling.
The role Maria Schneider, simply girl (no need for a name but she's studying architecture), plays in the movie gets more confusing and mysteries every time I watch it.

Anyway dEUS made a song about Maria Schneider on their most recent album. I don’t know how the song is related to Maria Schneider’s live but as I recall she vanished for a while, back in the 70’s because she couldn‘t handle the pressure of fame and the impact of that other movie, Last Tango in Paris. Maybe their song, The Architect, apart from a tribute to Buckminster Fuller, is also a tribute to Maria Schneider in The Passenger :-)