domingo, agosto 03, 2008

Meanwhile, while others were walking down the street with people’s heads, I’ve been watching Michelangelo Antonioni’s classic The Passenger again starring Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider.
A fun asset of DVD reissues are the extras. I watched it with the audio comment of Jack Nicholson giving explanation and background info to the scenes, locations and co-starring actors and Antonioni’s vision. Now I finally know how they did that monumental final shot :-) at least if Jack Nicholson is really telling the truth because his story is pretty mindboggling.
The role Maria Schneider, simply girl (no need for a name but she's studying architecture), plays in the movie gets more confusing and mysteries every time I watch it.

Anyway dEUS made a song about Maria Schneider on their most recent album. I don’t know how the song is related to Maria Schneider’s live but as I recall she vanished for a while, back in the 70’s because she couldn‘t handle the pressure of fame and the impact of that other movie, Last Tango in Paris. Maybe their song, The Architect, apart from a tribute to Buckminster Fuller, is also a tribute to Maria Schneider in The Passenger :-)

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