terça-feira, novembro 28, 2006

Hurray for Bollywood

It seems that after twelve years of waiting and being totally devoted to old Bollywood soundtracks the ultimate best-of-collection is released. The label Bombay-connection has released 2 volumes of Bollywood Rare Grooves & Beats and it seems that more splendid stuff is on the way. Sure, their have been great samplers of this type of music before but what sets this collection apart, apart from the fine taste of choice and extensive liner notes, is the enhanced sound quality. I’ve been listening for years now to bad audio cassettes which I bought in India and some rare CD’s back home but without exception the sound quality is pretty awful. Now, I don’t mind it a lot, because it ads to the charm of the music, but since I’ve heard some of these tracks in a far better quality I know that they’re meant and better this way.

This great collection finally sets my mind to peace because 12 years ago, on arriving back from a first trip to India, I planned to pay a visit to Munich Records in Groningen to urge them to release this stuff. Back then they were the only ones I knew who would be crazy enough to do so. I never made the trip – for many reasons – but now I no longer have to.

Caesartjalbo is sharing this music for the moment and I’ve found some movin’ images from the singer Mohammed Rafi in order to make some publicity for the music but also for a hopefully fine concert that’s taking place in the near future. On the 9th of December the great playbacksinger Asha Bhosle is payin’ a visit to Brussels for the very fist time and probably also for the last time – knowing her age and everything. So enjoy!

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