quarta-feira, dezembro 20, 2006


Every once in a while you stumble across something completely different. Some artist or a group of people who do somethin’ - music wise - that you haven’t heard before or not quite in that way. There are still people out there who create highly original music.
Planningtorock is somethin’ different. It’s a one-woman band called Janine Rostron who lives in Berlin like so many young starting musicians and artists today. She performs solo but surrounded by her own larger-than-life video projections. The music, the images and the performance enhance each other in order to create a total live experience.
I learned about this lady by checking the programme for the Noorderslag / Eurosonic festival in Groningen and
20jazzfunkgreats is also in to it.
The festival and the City have a long tradition of this type of independent music. She’s performing there in January.

I found her name, did some googling and bingo some amazing music! She has a debut album out this year which I recently bought online at eMusic and it’s really amazing. Highly original but still pretty enjoyable and accessible [still this is just my judgment].
I found a description of her style by Matmos’ Drew Daniel‘barrelhouse boogie-woogie pianos with ridiculous xylophone trills, honkytonk horn sleaze, bluesy growls, and creepy coos’ in a Pitchfork review. I read some other articles that compare her music with good old Residents, the Knife and Björk. The first for the avant-garde with strong roots and the lather for the kaleidoscopic vocal style.

References that I didn’t find anywhere but which are aparant to me are Laurie Anderson [there’s a link on her home site], as always offcourse Kate Bush and especially Danielle Dax. Dax is a solo artist, Indie Queen and former member of the Lemon Kittens. She’s also heavy into Old Man’s Blues and visual performance [to say the least]. Other names that maybe ring a bell are Diamanda Gallas, Lydia Lunch and Foetus. All of them make pretty dark music, kind of twisted stuff but with a certain sense of black humour. Plannigtorock is the same, but only different…

Some proof [be carefull with this, it was the eighties, ya know…]

Or maybe it sounds more like this…
all time favourites Les Rita Mitsouko [Hey, Bollywood wasn’t rediscovered yesterday, ya know]

Planningtorock – Have It All

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