quinta-feira, agosto 16, 2007

Kompakt Labelnight in Köln

The Köln-based German dance label Kompakt is holding it’s annual label night which features as usual a presentation of yet another episode in their ongoing Total output. Number 8 this time, which features the likes of Justus Köhncke, Burger/Voigt, Jürgen Paape, Reinhard Voigt, Partial Arts (with the wonderful Trauermusik), Rex The Dog and many more.

Apart from DJ sets by Thomas/Mayer and Superpitcher the evening will also be enlightened with some live sets. For me the most eye-catching name on the list is The Field. The album From Here We Go Sublime has been so far one of my favourites this year. Axel Willner from Sweden has made a very atmospheric and highly addictive, sweet sounding minimal soundtrack which could be for some a bit to much easy listening but which in the end has an intoxicating overall effect. Everyday is the best track of the album but the others are really great as well.

Over The Ice
The Little Heart Beats So Fast

Apparently the link for Everyday on the MeckerMecker site has been broken. So here’s a new one.

quarta-feira, agosto 15, 2007

Hey people, I'm back... save and sound. I had a great bike trip but after this type of holiday I'm actually in for a proper one: a real, full horizontal break... but there's no time for that now.

Meanwhile I got myself Simpsonized. So, if anyone was wondering what I look like, you can see the result above. Looks pretty accurate if you ask me but I should better ask somebody else to verify it.