segunda-feira, março 12, 2007

What do you do with the pieces of a Broken Heart.

Sometimes I feel like the bandleader of a Lonely Hearts Club Band. Recently I had multiple friends lamenting on me about their present and past love life. A nice side effect of listening and worrying about other people's misery is that one forgets one’s own.

So, for those poor suckers with a broken heart (be it unanswered or played around with) here's a nice comforting video
Chinese Translation from M. Ward. A lot gets lost in translation and the will to communication. Let’s just all stop wanting. You’ll know what you want if you get it. Si Vis Amari, Ama.

So sail a wild, wild sea, climb up a tall, tall mountain, meet a old, old man beneath a weeping willow tree and ask him these questions three.

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