quinta-feira, agosto 24, 2006

Bitter Sweet Melodies

I'm experiencing bandwith problems at the moment. Not enough credit. Anyway, in the mood for Bitter Sweet Melodies.
I’ve been trying to post this kind of stuff for a long time now, but I couldn’t find an appropiate title to go along with it. Where I come from, there’s a new name for this type of music which refers to a popular radio programme which promotes it. That name is Duyster, named after the host of the radio show. It runs almost every sunday night. For two hours you get some fine moodmusic. A soundtrack of Alternative Country, Postrock, young Singer Songwriters, Rootsoriented Pop and Folkrock, Sleepyheaded Indiebands and Minimal Electronics just in order to relax, take some time to contemplate the week that is about to come to an end and dream about the one that’s comin’. It’s usually a moment that evokes mixed feelings. Pleasant ones but also the more unpleasant ones. The bitter and the sweet.

01 Suicide Is Painless [MASH theme song] – Lady & Bird
02 Blood Bleeds – The Helio Sequence
03 Headlights Look Like Diamonds – The Arcade Fire
04 Reservations – Wilco

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