quarta-feira, agosto 02, 2006

O bird

A while ago I posted some tracks from around the globe. One of them was from Fairuz. Fairuz is one of the more seminal figures of Arabian music and still very popular. Knowing that she's born in Beirut, it’s only appropiate enough to repost it in order to reminiscent about what’s going on right now in Lebanon. After so many years of war it seemed that Beirut was finally becoming the city of light again, with it’s grandeur and glamour which gave it it’s nickname of the Paris of the Levant.
You never can take anything for granted.

O bird flying on the tip of the world
If you would only tell the beloved about me,
O bird.

Go ask the one who is alone
and wounded, all remedies of no avail
pained and not telling
what pains him
and in his memory recur
nights of childhood.

O bird, who carries
the color of trees
in which there's nothing but boredom
and waiting
with the sun's eye I wait
on coldness of stone
the hands of reparation shake me
and I am troubled.

I beseech you by your teachers
which are equal to my days
I beseech by the thorn-rose and the wind
if you are going toward those
whom I love and were love to erupt again
take me even for one minute
and return me.

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