domingo, dezembro 31, 2006

2006 >>> 2007

The year has come to an end and I know it's a shame to complaint but lookin' back, we really gotta have a lot more lovin'...

I spent the last few days in Helsinki with a dear friend. Time magazin's cartoon of the year was rather appropriate for the trip and so was global warming.

In the following days I'm going to post some of my favourite records of 2006 in a radio format. Some of these tracks where posted before as a normal link but I found this mp3 player just recently and me like it. It's fun. They're nice to look at and very easy to use.

Comments and pictures will follow as soon as posting is over.

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sábado, dezembro 23, 2006

John Davis Revisited

A while back, in July, I posted a compilation of the music of John Davis but I removed the links because of protest from the label owner. Now that I found a fairly convenient and satisfying broadcast system for mp3, I finally bring you back the music of John Davis as a teaser. If you like it, buy it.

sexta-feira, dezembro 22, 2006

Smelly Pop Radio Fun

Some more Radio comin' up...

quinta-feira, dezembro 21, 2006

Lil' Chris

I heard this band? or Kid? - is this for real? - on the radio just the other day as a request from a listener [check out the banner above] and boy, is sounded really great!

I first found some promo stuff [an autoplayin' videopromo] but Youtube is also serving separate quality video's.

The fist one is Gettin' Enough with some funny double entendres on the facts about puberty and sex before they head off for infection island.

The requested song in question was Checkin' it out... so check it out.

quarta-feira, dezembro 20, 2006


Every once in a while you stumble across something completely different. Some artist or a group of people who do somethin’ - music wise - that you haven’t heard before or not quite in that way. There are still people out there who create highly original music.
Planningtorock is somethin’ different. It’s a one-woman band called Janine Rostron who lives in Berlin like so many young starting musicians and artists today. She performs solo but surrounded by her own larger-than-life video projections. The music, the images and the performance enhance each other in order to create a total live experience.
I learned about this lady by checking the programme for the Noorderslag / Eurosonic festival in Groningen and
20jazzfunkgreats is also in to it.
The festival and the City have a long tradition of this type of independent music. She’s performing there in January.

I found her name, did some googling and bingo some amazing music! She has a debut album out this year which I recently bought online at eMusic and it’s really amazing. Highly original but still pretty enjoyable and accessible [still this is just my judgment].
I found a description of her style by Matmos’ Drew Daniel‘barrelhouse boogie-woogie pianos with ridiculous xylophone trills, honkytonk horn sleaze, bluesy growls, and creepy coos’ in a Pitchfork review. I read some other articles that compare her music with good old Residents, the Knife and Björk. The first for the avant-garde with strong roots and the lather for the kaleidoscopic vocal style.

References that I didn’t find anywhere but which are aparant to me are Laurie Anderson [there’s a link on her home site], as always offcourse Kate Bush and especially Danielle Dax. Dax is a solo artist, Indie Queen and former member of the Lemon Kittens. She’s also heavy into Old Man’s Blues and visual performance [to say the least]. Other names that maybe ring a bell are Diamanda Gallas, Lydia Lunch and Foetus. All of them make pretty dark music, kind of twisted stuff but with a certain sense of black humour. Plannigtorock is the same, but only different…

Some proof [be carefull with this, it was the eighties, ya know…]

Or maybe it sounds more like this…
all time favourites Les Rita Mitsouko [Hey, Bollywood wasn’t rediscovered yesterday, ya know]

Planningtorock – Have It All

terça-feira, dezembro 12, 2006


Daktaris – Soul Explosion – Musicawa Silt
Daktaris – Soul Explosion – Musicawa Silt Part 2

Old dictator Mengistu of Ethiopia has been condemned in absentia for genocide today by the supreme court of Ethiopia. Chance that he will be prosecuted is rather small, since he’s living in exile in Zimbabwe after the fall of his regime back in 1991. But one never knows.
As a way of commemorating this fact of justice, some music from the heyday of Ethiopian popmusic, the early 70’s, just before Mengistu liberated Ethiopia from that other tiran, Haile Selassie.

Musicawa Silt was originally written as Muziqawi Silt by The Wallias Band, but I recently found a nice cover version by The Daktaris on their album Soul Explosion. The original version, you can find on the compilation album Ethiopian Groove which is part 13 in the amazing ongoing series of
Ethiopiques. I have an older version of that compilation which was released by Munich Records under the same name and almost the same list of songs.
The Wallias Band was founded by Mulatu Astatke and is led by Johannes Tokola. They have backed many of Ethiopia's leading stars and still perform in the Addis Ababa Hilton today.
The Daktaris are formed by members of the Afrobeat Aficionados Antibalas. Their version is in 2 parts whereas the original has only one part. So two for the price of one. Fair Deal.
Read more.

domingo, dezembro 10, 2006

Don’t stop the Black Gold

Asha Bhosle on Saturday was really great, I’m glad that I didn’t miss that one but more of that later on...
I'm listening to Gilles Peterson World Wide show right now so Black music is still going strong down here. I’m posting an update of some recent favourites. I recently found a compilation album that I’ve been looking for a long time. Funky Drops. Nothing special, just a fine collection of some rare and less rare tracks.

034 Fabulous Counts - Lunar Funk

This a great Fuzz Rock/Funk crossover track from 1970. The Fabulous Counts or Counts are best known for their classic first single Jan Jan b/w The Girl From Kenya recorded in 1968 for the Detroit based Moira label but I’m still lookin’ for that one. The single contains all of the trademarks that would make up the bands sound: wailing Hammond, two saxes in unison and funky, slightly off-centered guitar. Particularly Jan Jan is a floor-shaker.
Their last Moira 45’s are Get Down People b/w this Lunar Funk before they got more slick and started to record for Westbound of Funkadelica and Parliament fame. I found the track on the compilation Funky Drops volume 2 from 2002. It’s a fast moving tune with lots of wah-wah and echo effects in the break.
It's interesting to note that unlike many of their contemporaries, the Fabulous Counts manage to stay away from the influence of the Meters, the premier instrumental funk band of the era. Their sound has a harder, city edge to it and a much more conventional (and often less interesting) approach to funk than the Meters. But the lunar space sounds makes it still stand out.
Read more here.

035 The Twilight Clone – Herbie Hancock

From Magic Windows, Herbie Hancock’s 1981 break away from generic dance music and Disco into the homeland of 70’s funk. It’s basically an R&B record with funkier, more flexible rhythm sections, more intriguing electronic instrumental decorations by Hancock and some first-class instrumental contributions by the Brothers Johnsons, the Escovedo family and Michael Brecker.
Closing title The Twilight Clone is Hancock’s spooky foretaste of 80’s techno-pop and it sounds to me that he listened very well to The Talking Heads futuristic electrofunk sound from 1980’s Remain in Light.

036 Karawane – Escort

I found this track on the Bumrocks blog while they’re off on safari apparently. I do hope them come back because they post great stuff. I didn’t know anything about this percussive deep disco house gem complete with afro chanting inspired by Hugo Ball’s dada sound poem of the same name.
This psychedelic percussion-driven journey recalls the likes of Was Not Was and Kid Creole. It’s perfect for all fans of Rong Music, Idjut Boys, Prins Thomas and Lindstrom, Metro Area, Putsch 79 and Chicken Lips.

Escort was formed in early 2005 by Dan Balis, Eugene Cho, and Darius Maghen out of a desire to bring detail, depth, and perhaps most of all, the R&B songwriting tradition, back to underground dance music. Some may find their records shamelessly nostalgic: a blast of unadulterated and symphonic disco but for the members of Escort, this is not about the past. This is about a fervent belief that certain things are timeless: musicianship, songwriting, and production. No samples, no loops, just well crafted songs and great performances. Karawane is Escort's second release.

jolifanto bambla o falli bambla
großiga m'pfa habla horem
egiga goramen
higo bloiko russula huju
hollaka hollala
anlogo bung
blago bung blago bung
bosso fataka
ü üü ü
schampa wulla wussa olobo
hej tatta gorem
eschige zunbada
wulubu ssubudu uluwu ssubudu
tumba ba-umf
kusa gauma
ba - umf

037 Kansas City Funk – Roy Hargrove

This track’s from Hargrove’s last album Distractions. Roy Hargrove is probably one the finest Jazz m
usicians at this moment but more important, he’s very eclectic and open minded. He mixes many styles and works with a lot of contemporary soul artist like Erika Badu, D’Angelo,… This track is rather short but nevertheless has it all in terms of funk.

038 The Bombers – Get Dancin' (12'' Version)

The Bombers is a project of Pat DeSerio and from the same producer of Kebekelektrik and Rational Youth. It’s a Canadian group fronted by the vocals of Tamara Lorincz and Mack Jones that burst on the disco scene in 1978. The group's first album on Mel Cherren's West End label was simply-titled Bombers and contained an album version of this track. In 1979 West End issued the album to DJ's as a 2-12" singles package. This practice was originated by Prelude Records and copied by Salsoul. This commercial 12" remix of (Everybody) Get Dancin' went top ten in the clubs and also propelled sales of the album.

039 Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't Stop The Music

This singing duo from Dallas was discovered by Charlie Wilson of the GAP Band. Don't Stop The Music was their biggest hit single back in 1981 and a sinewy slab of synth-based R&B/funk that was way ahead of its time and had a far-reaching influence in the following years.

Read more.

And now
for somethin’ completely different…

Work on you – MSTRKRFT

MSTRKRFT or Masterkraft are Jesse F. Keeler of Death from Above 1979 and his group’s producer, Al-P, gone electro house and they sound like what Daft Punk should sound like today if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re human after all and not man-machines. I like this opener and highlight of their album The Looks, especially the hyped-up vocoder and way that drive builds up and up. A real floor-filler that makes one live up to the phrase… dance as if no one is watching you.

I’m gonna work on you
Until you’re feeling right
I’m gonna make you right
Under the disco lights

segunda-feira, dezembro 04, 2006

Helsinki, tähän i-kirjain johtua

Well, wouldn't you know... I'm going to Helsinki. I never ever thought I would one day end up there - way up north - Of all places but nevertheless, I'm going. And I'm pretty excited. I know absolutely nothin' about Finland except the fact that they have these choirs of shouting men, 'mieskuoro huutajat', and that they like tango. But who doesn't. So I'm going with an open mind and with the intention to enjoy myself.

You won't hear me complain about cold weather or anything... not like these people from Finland in a film from Youtube. It's actually pretty funny. If it's exemplary for the Finnish state of mind to make jokes like that, I'm pretty sure we're going to get along pretty well.

sexta-feira, dezembro 01, 2006

Hi di ho

The Bollywood funfair's still going on. This time Belgian danceproducer and DJ Buscemi. He used to make all sorts of electrobossa and lounge type of music which I like but after a while it all starts to sound the same. He's got a new album out and it sounds more diverse this time. Some Balkan Beats, which are gettin' popular around these parts, and yes, Bollywood Beats with some fine results. This track really kicks.

Buscemi - Bollywood Swing King