sábado, fevereiro 02, 2008

It’s Saturday now and still work in progress. I keep a close watch on my other side pages and I’ve noticed that the one with The Black Gold Radio doesn’t get as much attention as my Bongopage. Which is strange since Black music in all its forms is actually the core business of this blog and the other ones are more of a side dish really.
That why I wish to make some publicity here for this highly underrated feature: all the goodies in one handsome and easy podcast service that links directly to the Box archives. In the next months I’ll do some restyling. Let’s see if that helps.

A lot of the links on my Bongopage were Divshares that are now lost in the fire. I’m going to re-upload them in the near future but meanwhile I will also ad some new ones. In this case some friends from myspace.

Code Monkey is an obscure collaboration between a DJ from Antwerp and a guitar buddy from elsewhere. This is the first song that I heard from them and still the best one.

Code Monkeys feat. Goghal - Without Your Love 2006

Dijf is a very talented and eclectic musician and a crucial member of The Violent Husbands. He also plays solo and these 2 songs are my personnel favourites.

Dijf - Sugar Frosted Milk
Dijf – Howling

Disco Tambem

It’s Friday night and I’m spending it behind my computer. Lucky me!? Well, it can’t be party time every weekend. I’ve got lots of work that has to be done by Monday so I might as well turn this extra shift into fine quality time. I like doing this while I’m working. It maybe sound strange but it helps me to concentrate. Oddly enough. Maybe it creates a kind of reference frame. It certainly prevents me from wandering around spending to much time in the kitchen. Or maybe I’m just great at multitasking ;-) when it’s fun that is.
And fun this is. Like Change. I’ve got two records from Change but I don’t play them often (enough). That’s why I don’t really know much about them except that this is where it all started for the late Luther Vandross and that a young Jocelyn Brown is somewhere to be heard on these tracks. I don’t use much slang but for this I gladly make an exception, Glow Of Love is truly The Bomb. I don’t think that there’s a single instrumental bit on this track that hasn’t been sampled yet. If I’m correct there are even entire sub genres based on this track. Disco House or just House for that matter. I don’t care too much for nametags. It’ simply great. Luv it.

Change feat. Luther Vandross – The Glow of Love (12 mix)

The same goes for another seminal track. A while back I watched a video about the history of House and dance music in general and there was a great tune playing during an intermezzo, but they didn’t mention the name or the featuring artist. I called out for a hand back then, but off course, nobody answered.
No problem, I knew I would find it in the end because it sounded very familiar. I did some thinking. Comes in handy every once in a while. As a result I found that the only thing that was missing was a track by Mr. Fingers. Et voila, there it was. A true classic that is, Can You Feel It! Without the vocal part that is. Vocals are a great help, if you want to recognize or memorize something.
Looking back, that track is just phenomenal. Everything which is great about dance music, Soul, Funk and Disco compressed into one single electronic groove. Particularly the Bass and the synths. Everything reduced to the minimal/the max. Less is truly more in this case. There isn’t actually much going on but what immediately grabs your attention is the groove and the warm highly synthetic sounds. The atmosphere. I like to declare that to me it’s a definition of House music. It also has that trance-like effect. It sets and keeps one in a mood. The result is a very cerebral experience which at the same time is highly physical. In every way. It simply makes your brain feel sexy :).

Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel it (original 12'' mix)

While you're here, I’ve added some extras to go along. Some up-tempo, others slow. A couple old ones and more recent ones.

Change – Paradise 1981
Change – Heaven of my Life 1981
Change – Hold Tight (12 mix)

Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators – Feeling Free
Loleatta Holloway – Hit And Run 1977
Loleatta Holloway – Runaway (12 mix)
Odyssey – Weekend Lover 1977
Odyssey – Native New Yorker 12inch 1977
Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love (12 inch extended disco version)

Isotonik – Different Strokes
Digital Emotion – Go Go Yellow Screen
Cosmos – Take Me With You (white label) 2002
Metro Area – Honey Circuit

Moodymann – The Dancer (remix)
Moodymann – Mahogany Brown
Recloose – Landed
Kevin Yost & Peter Funk – Dreams Of You

And while we’re still on our way, I would like to put the spotlight on this strange dark Deep House with ze French Touch by Agoria.

Agoria – Les Violons Ivres
Agoria – Europa
Agoria – Haiku