terça-feira, janeiro 22, 2008


So, what’s new? I’m back online but that hasn’t resulted yet in much activity on these pages. But things will get better. The loss of data just ransacked my whole agenda of uploads and posts. Instead of focusing on re-uploading old ones I have to focus on the last ones because they’re my only reminder of what was still on my computer and what is now lost.

Meanwhile, I heard these two tracks, just the other day on the radio. They work well together. One is from a new band from Ghent called Headphone. They’re providing their first single for free to get a lot of airplay and they deserve it. If you ask me, they got their name from atrack from Static called Headphones. The second one is an old German classic from 1978.

Headphone – Ghostwriter
Supermax – Lovemachine

While I was looking for it I found my favourite Holger Czukay album On The Way To The Peak Of Normal. This track is still pure magic, just like Persian Love Song from the album Movies which I have posted before.

Holger Czukay – Flagrance

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