sábado, janeiro 17, 2009

face on / face off

I have some swell music that I would like to share with you. It took a while to get it on these pages because I had no appropriate words or pictures to go along with it. I had nothing special to tell apart from the fact that for a couple of weeks now I’m an official member of facebook. Yes, I wasn’t planning to, but I surrendered. I didn’t or maybe still don’t see the use of it but I got to many ‘friends’ requests on a such short notice to not be bothered with it. It looked like almost everybody took a facebook account during the Christmas holidays. So did I. partly because I was curious to see what’s it all about.

Now after a test phase it still looks strange to me. I get drawn to it but at the same time it feels totally obnoxious. What’s special about this virtual social network is the fact that it has all kinds of features and applications that you can fondle with, but also that all your friends can see or better read what you’re doing with it and what for comments you leave on other peoples homepage. It really feels like eavesdropping and that’s probably the catch, if you ask me.
One is always curious what other people, especially your friends or those who you especially favor (if you know what I mean) are doing, thinking and feeling but at the same time I can’t be bothered with it all the time or with everybody’s ‘signs of life’.

Anyway, I don’t want to spend too much time on it in order to have some time left for other social networks :) like MySpace for instance. I don’t use MySpace to often and certainly not for social networking but as a tool to find new music. To great effect. I made quite a few discoveries. Some of them made it into the spotlight by now but others didn’t (yet).
Like The Rayees for instance or maybe this UK band: The Invisible. I found a couple of articles about this band and their homepage of course. An interesting project which features Leo Taylor who also played drums in Gramme and worked together with Zongamin and Matthew Herbert. No further explanation needed.
The Diaphanoids are a Dutch duo that favor a more relaxed and psychedelic version of italo and electro.
Liron van Daalen is a veteran in the Dutch electronic scene and now he operates under the name of Kabale Und Liebe, beautifully named after a play by Friedrich Schiller (the one from Ode an Die Freude). Richie Hawtin and Magda are fans. If you listen to Childs Play you'll know why.
I’m following Shearwater for a while now and they get better with each new record.
Jerome Brailey is a former P-funk aficionado from who fell from the Mother Ship and kicked back in great style.

The Invisible – London Girl
Kabale Und Liebe – Childs Play (original mix)
The Diaphanoids – Lost In My Room
Glossy – Burning Love
Chateau Flight – La Roquette
THP – Who Do You Love
Jerome Brailey And Mutiny – What More Can I Say
Jerome Brailey And Mutiny – Lump
Sandi & Matues – The World
Moutchatcha – San Wo San
Shearwater – Rooks

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