terça-feira, janeiro 06, 2009


I’m always curious to find out what drives these people, what makes them tick. Especially the last few days.

You’re probably wondering, what’s with the Barbie’s? Barbie-Q’s, Barbie-cues,… what’s next?
My big sis’ used to have a Barbie set and I admit, I used to play with those dolls as a kid. A boy playing with a Barbie doll? I know, not very manly but I can ad in my defense that the only thing it did with them was… burn them :)

A shrink can probably give a good explanation what It all means and through the internet and youtube I found out that I 'm not the only boy who liked or likes to burn Barbie’s or any other stuff for that matter.
If one told them that they were actually playing with a Barbie doll they would very likely look at you in utter disbelief, trying to explain that they actually don’t like them, maybe even hate them and would not agree then, but nevertheless. It’s still a kind of play.

At least that’s the way my mind works and my philosophy. If you try to get away from something very badly, you’ll end up next to it. If one tries to get rid of somethin’ or dislikes somethin’ by anxiously doing the opposite you will ultimately end up doing the thing you dislike.
It’s the same with love. The opposite of love is not hate. Don’t be silly. They’re both a form of dedication. Total indifference is the opposite of caring love or hate, whatever.

So maybe all this diverging dislikes and contempt are a good sign? Or maybe that’s what’s so strikingly bold and extremely vulgar about the indifference of the outside world to current dramatic affairs.

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