domingo, junho 22, 2008

Just Do What You Feel… but Do It With Style

You all might have been wondering what was going on lately with these short messages and second hand links? No worry, I was just running short of up/download credit because I’ve been watching to many South Park episodes over the last few weeks, even months. At the end of the month I’m always short on fiberjuice. But I’m almost there. I’m entering season 10 now from 2006 and the credit counter’s back to zero.
I must say, the joke isn’t still starting to wear thin in contrast with what I expected. I’m as pretty much amused by it as on the first day. There are some weak episodes off course but the general appreciation is still A OK.

So what’s in the bag this time? The usual I’m afraid… I’m still not getting fed up with hearing fine disco music. There’s so much of it and just now I got hold on one of the best but rare and almost forgotten albums of a true master of disco. Webster Lewis is held in high regard by soul, funk and Jazz fans alike, although he never attained the mainstream success he thoroughly deserved. He was born in 1943 but he passed away 6 years ago in 2002 as a result of diabetic complications.
He was a fine pianist, clarinetist and arranger who also toured as a conducter for Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra and worked as a musical director for Herbie Hancock and Gwen McCrea. He’s the one behind the early vintage electro of Welcome Aboard of The Love Unlimited Orchestra.

The album I’ve obtained is one of his amazing late 70's sets for Epic Records called 8 for the 80’s. Lewis and Hancock shared the production credits on this one. It’s full of fabulously orchestrated first rate fusion of funk and disco with a jazzy sensitive edge. Lots of smooth soulful vocals, strings and horns but it never get's cheesy. The up-tempo tracks like Give Me Some Emotion, Fire, Go For It, You Deserve To Dance have sharp edges, rightly cut for the dancefloor. Every track’s a winner even the few ballads like The Love You Give To Me and Heavenly.

I combined the Webster Lewis tracks with a couple of other disco or related songs according to the flow. It would make a nice mix.

Webster Lewis & The Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Aboard
Rene & Angela – I'll Be Good
Webster Lewis – Fire
Willie Hutch – Disco Thang
Webster Lewis – You deserve To Dance
Webster Lewis – Do It With Style
Willie Hutch – Midnight Dancer
GQ – Disco Nights (rock freak)
Webster Lewis – The Love You Give To Me
The Pointer Sisters – Automatic
J.M. Tim – Douala By Night
Classe Action – Weekend
Norman Connors – Once I've Been There
South Bronx – Bottom Line
Kaos – Town & Countryman (edit)
The Internationals – 33
Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara – Sanakubay

Chris & Cosey – October Love Song
William Powers – Adventures In Success (dub copy)
Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes
Starlight Boyz – Machine Disco
The Juan Maclean – Happy House (original version)

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