sábado, outubro 13, 2007

Un Peu de l'Ame Pour Combattre la Migraine

Âme (pronounced Ahm), which is French for soul, is the name of a German duo from Karlsruhe, Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, that’s responsible for some of the finest electronic music around. Their biggest hit up until now is Rej from 2005 which has been christened by Louie Vega and Danny Kravit as the new millennium’s equivalent of Jay-Dee’s Plastic Dreams.
Their influences range from Moodyman, Underground Resistance, Carl Craig, Blaze, Metro Area, Chateau Flight, John Tejada over to IG Culture and even Jazzanova but they never copy. They have a distinctive style. Âme's sound is easily accessible without getting boring or shallow. It’s deep, bold but not harsh.

Rej has a nice chilly sound but with dark undercurrents. It’s one of those tracks that grows on ye. I’ve been hearing it for 2 years now because it still keeps popping up occasionally in different settings. I never get tired of it, well mentally at least :-).
Mifune is an older track from 2004. I don’t get it why Rej got so much attention and Mifune stayed rather obscure. It’s equally good.

Âme – Rej (original mix) download / buy
Âme – Mifune
download / buy

Jay-Dee’s Plastic Dreams

And while you’re here, get a taste of the latest warm, melodic and ultimately danceable crops from Tiger Stripes, Booka Shade and Lopazz on Get Physical and Guy J on Bedrock Records.

Tiger Stripes – Mad At Me
download / buy at Beatport
Tiger Stripes – Survivor
download / buy at Beatport
Booka Shade – Numbers (extended vocal mix) download / buy at !K7
Booka Shade – Numbers (radio edit) download / buy at !K7
Lopazz – Discogs
download / buy at Beatport
Guy J – Save Me
download / buy at Beatport
Guy J – Night Loss
download / buy at Beatport

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Greg Wilson on Friday was great!

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