domingo, outubro 14, 2007


I’m at this very moment listening to Roisin Murphy’s new album Overpowered. It comes out in a couple of weeks and I’ve got my ticket for her show on the 21st of November in Brussels, but I just couldn’t wait to hear it. After a bit of searching on the web I found a link at Debaser @ Wordpress. Take your chance while it lasts.

I don’t know what to think it yet. I read that it was going to be more mainstream but boy, how slick can you go! It’s catchy as hell but that’s not necessarily always a positive thing. I really liked her first solo album Ruby Blue and the last Moloko album, but apparently that first album was a bit to weird for some people. I miss a bit of an edge on the new one. It surely has it’s moments - especially at the end of it - but most of it is very straightforward. I wonder which one will stand the test of time?

The graphics and visuals are again great, as ever. That reminds me that there are lots of video's on youtube.

Overpowered (and overdressed, great opener for the new album)

Sow Into You (my favourite song from the first album)

Let Me Know (last single of the new album, it grows on ye and settles pretty deep, I must admit).

If We're In Love

And the beanshead in the last video reminds of an other one...

Somethin' else or maybe not... I grew up mit Der Nina and this is an old vintage film from Nina's formative years in Der DDR before she ran off to the West in 1976. It's a young Nina Hagen who looks pretty much the same as on the cover of her first western album. You can really hear that she's just singing at the very bottom of her capacities. She's a trained operasinger and boy, what a voice!

This one is about the time before digital pictures. They're back from makin' holidays and she finds out that Michael has made black and white (east Germany) pictures instead of coloured ones (west Germany).

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