quinta-feira, setembro 20, 2007

Aleksi Vitra Meets Torsti at the Space Lounge

Every once in a while the internet provides us with some crazy surprises. Like people who give away brand new homemade records for free. Aleksi Vitra Meets Torsti at the Space Lounge is such an album which I downloaded a couple of years ago, totally free, from the Archive.org site.

I never gave it much of attention until this week. It turns out to be a very nice record with some fine Jazzy downtempo electronic dancemusic. Not outstanding but definitly worth listening.

If added here three track that I really like. You can still get the entire album for free and it looks like the Label Monotonik gives away more goodies for free.

More information
here and here.

Nebulae Herb
O Tema De Viagem Especial
Princess Melodiae

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