terça-feira, dezembro 16, 2008

Pettie Bass

It’s the dark cold days before X-mas. I’m a person who really needs a bit of sun to feel happy or at least at ease but right now the sun is as easy to find as easy bank loans and safe shares.
I usually don’t feel very happy then but the last days were pretty awful. Worse than usual. I was very uncomfortable, feeling totally empty, discouraged and dispirited. A broken man.
That’s why I took a day off from work (no mail, no telephone,…) just to relax, to give myself a treat and get back in shape. Catch some extra sleep, drink a awful lot of healthy tasty fruit shakes (like for instance mint+coconut milk+limes+honey), do some sports (went to a new fitness gym for free) and to finish things off, a relaxing chilling stay in a sauna, a hot tub of water and a nice meal. No massage, that would have been too much of the good stuff.

Now I feel all fresh again… tired though, but happily tired. A bit high even or is that the wine I drank? So how do we celebrate this renovation? With music off course.

Triggerfinger – Soon (acoustic studio versio '08) The second track that I post from Triggerfinger but they’re getting better and better. I really like this unplugged version of one of the best son gs on their last album. It took me a while to get this.
Larkin Grimm – Ride That Cyclone This album is really somethin’. I would/could post every single track because they’re all great but that’s against my principles or maybe just one track at the time :)
Emiliana Torrini – Jungle Drum
Eagles of Death Metal – I Wannabe in LA Don’t we all? Talking about LA. Lykke Li & Bon Iver doing 'Dance Dance Dance' in LA

The Sedan Vault – Unidentified Flying Subjects A local Mars Volta rip-off but still a nice tune
David Byrne and Brian Eno – Strange Overtones After 30 years back on track just like in the good old days. This is a free sample from a new album
Eero Johannes – We Could Be Skweeeroes a recent e-music pick and a quite good one
DJ Mehdi – Pocket Piano (Joachim remix) The best remix so far
Hudson Mohawke – Overnight I think/hope that this guy is going to be next year’s revelation. I picked this up from bleep and it’s truly awesome… promising, can’t wait to hear more where this is coming from
Hudson Mohawke – Polkadot Blues
Loco Dice – Carthago
John Tejada – Raindrops (Original Mix) a new Tejada album is always great news
John Tejada – Turning Point (Original Mix)
Butch – Amelie
Lützenkirchen – All That Jazz (popof remix 01) I’m probably going to see this guy spin at Petrol this weekend. I’m quite curious after hearing that final Berlin party anthem 3 Tage Wach.

Mary Jane Girls – All Night Long A bad habit I know but I can’t let this pass without mixing in some black funk and disco
Rene & Angela – I'll Be Good All-time favourite killer groove, second entry on these pages but a better rip this time (from CD).
Rick James – Ghetto Life one of his best and grooviest songs

I watched this a dozen times by now and I still find this to be hillariously cute

ahaha charlie bit me
ahahah ohohoho ouch!
ouch Charilie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That really hurt!!!!!
(charlie) hahahahahahahahaghhhh hhhhhh
charlie bit me!
And it reeeeeeeeeeeeally hurt
(charlie) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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