segunda-feira, dezembro 22, 2008

The Man

Jo Crepain 1950-2008

Last Saturday a man who’s dear and precious to me pasted away much too soon. The architect for whom I worked for years and who became a kind of father figure for many, died from cancer.

I knew he was very ill but it’s still a shock to receive such a news. It’s a big cliché but oh so true that if someone close to you dies you start to give it more of a thought. It simply affects you more.
As much as I appreciate his work, what I will remember and cherish the most was the man himself. His personality and charm, his wit and restless energy.

He did not like to go with a big scream but rather quiet and I’m quite sure he would not have wanted us to mourn to long and instead remember the fun times.

As a tribute a farewell song to lower the curtains and after that the only thing that will rest is his voice as it whispers through his buildings.

Tindersticks – Closing Titles [Trouble Every Day OST 2002]

Last call for planet Earth (featuring Jo Crepain)

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