domingo, outubro 19, 2008

Jingle Jangle

Things are a bit slow around here lately so that’s why I ‘m trying to deliver two topics at the same time. I’ve been uploading quite a lot of music that I recently gathered around but not everything is ready yet. As often I’ve been busy working but I’ve also been to a lot of concerts. Just right now, this evening, I saw a young band called Those Dancing Days at Trix here in Antwerp. A charming girlsgroup from Sweden where popmusic pours out the watertap it seems and ends up in baby milk. I don’t have another explanation for the amount of pure quality popmusic coming from Sweden.

What did they bring? In Dutch we have a term for this kind of naïve music: rammelpop. It could be translated into rattle, jingle or jangle pop because the rhythms and melodies wander off into many directions but in the end they land back on all fours like a cat. It’s anything but tight but that doesn’t madder. It all adds to the charm and the youthful spirit.

Their Hit, tasty isn’t it?

The day before that I saw M83 from France and the local band Yuko but the most fond memories are from a concert a while back by My Brightest Diamond and Clare & The Reasons at Le Botanique in Brussels. It was the second time that I saw My Brightest Diamond live but my first pleasant encounter with Claire & The Reasons. Those Reasons turned out to be the backing band or rather strings for the main act as well. They both came to promote a new album and I bought Claire’s album at the venue because I liked the show and I already have both albums by My Brightest Diamond.

Claire sang a coverversion of Somewhere Over The Rainbow with new lyrics which consisted of only one word: Obama. She said or believes that if you repeat something over and over again it becomes true. How lovely :) If you listen to the music and read this quote I think you get a rather accurate picture of what the concert was like: nice, warm, pleasant and beautiful. And so was My Brightest Diamond but luckily she’s not that soft or daft? :) A bit more balanced and focused. Although she stopped the set a couple of times for short intermezzo’s: some magic tricks involving a black top hat and a rabbit. All good fun and still a great voice and performer. Maybe it’s a pitty that she’s not yet a major artist over here that plays in bigger concert halls but on the other hand it’s much nicer to see her in a small venue real close.

My personnel introduction to Shara Worden more than a year ago.

The concert

Claire & The Reason's played a great cover of Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World

lalala will follow

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