terça-feira, junho 03, 2008

I’m going down under this time for a very talented bloke by the name of Goyte. He’s from Melbourne Australia but his real name Wally De Backer makes it sound all too familiar. Turns out that he was born in Bruges, Belgium and moved to Australia at the young age together with his parents. I heard his music for the first time in a radio program a while back. He can still talk Dutch but with a funny fat Australian accent.
He’s releasing an album over here called Like Drawing Blood but in Australia it was already released in 2006 and paved the way of success for him at home in Australia, the UK en the States. Now he’s becoming Big in Belgium too, no pun intended.

His music is very diverse and versatile. He adopts many styles and makes them suit his music and his voice. I especially like Heart’s A Mess which is a brilliantly orchestrated but pretty sad song. Learnalilgivinanlovin’ is straight forward funk and soul.

Over the past 2 years quite a lot of DJ’s and producers have made remixes for songs of the album. Supermayer made a very nice one for Heart’s A Mess.

Heart’s A Mess
Heart's A Mess (Supermayer's Supermess remix)
Only Thing I Know

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