terça-feira, janeiro 08, 2008


Hiya folks, I have some bad news. All my Divshare links are dead again and this time for good it seems. They found out what I used my accound for and desided to deleted all the tracks. Cummulated with the lost Zshare files makes 6 months of work down the drain.

But don't worry, I was already planning to upgrade my box account because it turned out to be the best deal after all. So now I have to re-upload all or some of these lost tracks to my Box account.
Meanwhile you can listen to the most recent working link on this site from 16 July 2007.

Dexter Wansel – Disco Lights (1977)

I'm currently loading the last post about Yelle and Robyn, so that one should be online again by toninght.

All tracks that are re-uploaded will carry this colour. I will probably give priority to everything that is labelled with a number in order to upgrade my Black Gold Radio page and to stuff that is also featuring on my Bongopage of native sounds. I have a nice and easy Box player installed on these other pages which play all the so far uploaded tracks.
It's a kind of podcast but you can also download separate tracks.

If you have request, what I should upload again first, let me know.

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