domingo, dezembro 02, 2007

Tait toi et soi Bel…

We still don’t have a government after more than 5 months but life goes on. I have some old and some new Bel classics for ya. The first one is an old disco track from the one-hit-wonders of Two Man Sound. I just recently came across it again and it definitely should be part of the list on my bongo page. It’s still great after al those years.

Two Man Sound – Que Tal America 1978

Some other oldies are Telex related. Dan Lacksman had a project in the seventies called Transvoltamaybe a reference to the young Travolta, who knows – and released under that name the rare but classic Disco Computer and its b-side You Are Disco. I recently bought some other Telex related stuff, Z-Moor-Z’s Héros Dynamique but it’s on vinyl so I still have to transform it into digital content.

Transvolta – Disco Computer 1978
Transvolta – You are Disco 1978

Telex’ Marc Moulin and Dan Lacksman did not only make records of their own but also produced other artists. They worked on the first hit albums of Lio but in 1982 she worked together with Sparks for her album Suite Sixtine. This album features the wonderful Sage Comme Une Image. I read on Asrestlessasweare that the long version of the song was produced by Telex though, instead of Sparks, but I can’t verify that.

Lio – Sage Comme Une Image 1982
Lio – Sage Comme Une Image (version longue) 1982

Next some Electric Body Music from Front 242 and The Neon Judgement. There’s also something more obscure. A track from Parade Ground which is a band from Brussels and strongly related to Front 242.

The Neon Judgement – The Fashion Party 1981/1984
The Neon Judgement – Tomorrow In The Papers 1985
Front 242 – Body To Body (1988 mix)
Parade Ground – Strange World 1987

To finish some very recent tracks that have become classics already. Two tracks from the debut album of Goose.

Goose – British Mode 2006
Goose – Bring It On 2006

The other one is the title track from Jerboa’s debut album. The single Number One can be filed as an instant classic but I don’t know if this one will go the same way. It’s definitely worth listening. It’s a long piece of music that sounds like a multistage rocket. There are soft parts and some hard rocking parts which sound like the phase where the rocket separates from a stage and relaunches into orbit. Something like that.

Jerboa – Rockit Fuel 2007

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seandonson disse...

Yeah, as far as I know, Marc Moulin produced Sage Comme Une Image all by himself ( No Lacksman necessary. But Lacksman and Moulin both produced Suite Sixtine while the Means Brothers contributed english lyrics for the english versions of some previous songs ( I particularly enjoy Ali. Its so ridiculous.

seandonson disse...

Mael brothers. Jeez. Russell Means is a TOTALLY different guy.