domingo, novembro 25, 2007

Vaya Con Rios

Hiya, I’m blogging again. It’s been a little while since the last call but I’ve been taken out of steady rotation because of all sorts of tiny and stupidly boring affairs and duties. And what else? Concerts! Lots of concerts. This year has been chock-full bumpered with them. Even foreign bands like for instance Bloc Party bother to hit this tiny spot on the globe two times in a year. I guess they need the money but there’s a certain risk for overkill. Needless to say that concert tickets are going slow right now.
Some concerts are still sold out, though. I’ve been to a couple. Luckily I buy my tickets online and sometimes months in advance but I still missed out on Beirut which was sold out before I got the chance to look for tickets. More luck next time, I hope.

So what did I see? The first one was Orchestra Baobab in the Orangerie at Le Botanique which is still, to my knowledge and personnel taste, thé best concert hall in the country. It’s a bit small but it has a great sound. Artist also like it because of the sound quality on stage and they come back. Like Les Rita Mitsouko. They prefer playing there three concerts in a row instead of just one in a bigger one.

Next on the bill was Pinback at Trix in my hometown. Finally, after more than 3 years of waiting, if I’m not mistaken, Pinback came back to play. It was a full house which was the first time, I’ve been told, for this still pretty new venue. It’s the second year that they’re in business and this year’s bill is still promising. I’ll be spending more time there. This concert was my first live Pinback experience and it was worth it.

The last one in the row was Roisín Murphy from Moloko at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. She gave 2 concerts in as many days to present her new album Overpowered.
My first visit since she went solo and probably my last one as well. Not because she stank but because next time around, she’ll be playing the big concert halls and stadium’s in front of huge crowds and that’s not exactly my cup of tea.

Now, I’m going to make some effort, to turn all of this into music because people who missed out on some of it were asking me for it nicely, so I can’t refuse can I. I’ve got also quite a bit of African music ready so when I’m done it will be half of December and then Khaled will be in town, which means that I’ll be preparing some good old Raï music.

Meanwhile I received another free promo-CD this week. It’s one of the Belgian/Puertorican artist Gabriel Rios and it’s called Morehead which is a reference to his new album Angelhead. It’s an exclusive promo-only CD with just 7 tracks, so in contrast to my usual habit of posting separate tracks instead of albums, I’m posting the whole lot here.
If you don’t know Gabriel Rios it’s maybe a odd introduction - because this stuff is mainly acoustic and he usually plays with a big Latin band - but there’s enough quality here to give a nice impression of what he’s up to.

01 - Voodoo Chile
02 - Baby Lone Star (First Ever Version)
03 - Wish (Alternate Version)
04 - Porque Te Vas
05 - I'm Gonna Die Tonight (First Ever Version)
06 - For The Wolves (Acoustic Version)
07 - Dink's Song

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