segunda-feira, outubro 22, 2007

Everything is getting a bit messy around here. I don’t seem to be able to finish posts as I intended (the ZE Records post for instance) because new ones keep popping up on my way trough lalaland. And what’s even worse is that I don’t seem to be able to work my way trough my favourite blogs anymore. I have a hard time remembering their names and finding the right links. I think I’ll have to adopt more discipline in this, by arranging those links over on the right side according to the type or style of music. I mean, I have a list double as long that I still have to ad to this page. It’s beginning to get a bit to much, but there are so many great blogs out there.

Anyway, I’m not sure if these two are brand new or just the next episode in the Faze Action re-releases. I can’t keep track and maybe there are some releases in between but Juno Download presented me these two only recently. Again it’s deep funky cosmic disco house as only Faze Action can deliver it, A Giorgio Moroder bassline, crescending cellos, thermin-like sound effects, and a heavy percussion work out. A whole orchestra made by just 2 guys. There’s also another track called Disco warrior which is as good. You can find it over at
American Athlete. Enjoy!

Faze Action – Stratus Energy (original mix)
Faze Action – Stratus Energy (special disco mix)

And something on the side… more crazy Nina on
Classic Television Showbiz.

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