terça-feira, outubro 09, 2007

And now for somethin’ completely different

The upload is a bit slow today so no Latin tributes so far. That’s why I’m posting somethin' else that I already uploaded before and was still lying around, unused, but came relevant just now.
I saw 2 shows last week. One was a long anticipated show by brazilian pop star deluxe Caetano Veloso. His last album from last year isn’t that great but there’s always at least one track that’s memorable. If not immediately than at least after a while and certainly now, after I saw him perform a couple of them. Odeio você is that type of song. It has a quite modern rather dance or rave oriented sound with a clear message: I hate it or you.
It’s a funny experience to hear a entire concert hall sing I hate you over and over again. It was even the encore song at the end of the show. Probably because it’s just simply a great song to play live. It creates a vibe and it’s easy going.

Caetano Veloso – Odeio

The other show was by the Belgian musician Jan De Smet. He’s a member of De Nieuwe Snaar. They play all sorts of mostly roots oriented music within a cabaret or music hall type of setting with usually funny mainly Dutch lyrics. They’ve toured around Europe for many years with their dynamic, sometimes even acrobatic live shows.

On this occasion he was alone and just playing some records from his extensive record collection. I think that he’s probably one of the biggest record collectors around these parts and he’s mainly interested in so-called incredibly strange music or exotica. He has a nice collection and told funny stories about the records he was playing, the artists and how he came in touch with them. He sometimes had the chance or luck to meet some of these people.

Here are some tokens of what he played and commented that evening. I had these myself since I’m also interested in this type of novelty stuff. Especially the PDQ Bach track is funny and really amazing. It’s a report about Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony but from the perspective of a sports reporter reporting a baseball game or horserace. The whole idea is that modern listeners lose track of this kind of music because they’re no longer used to listen to something that’s longer than a 3 minute popsong and no longer understand the codes or the musical language.
It’s a pretty eloquent and accurate report and so funny. You can hear that they know what they are talking about. You really get a clear picture why this piece of music is something special or extra-ordinary. Just enjoy!

P.D.Q. Bach / New Horizons – Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

The next Spike Jones track is the one that started the whole thing for him. When he heard this song somewhere in the late sixties he knew he had to get a hold on it and learn more about this type of music. He was hooked for live and who wouldn’t! Spike Jones is really an underrated artist, as so many involved with comedy.

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