sábado, julho 21, 2007

I’m counting the days now because I’m leaving next Friday and will only be back after 2 weeks. I really have to start packing so that in the case I’m forgetting something, I still can go out and buy it.
In the last post about my trip to Indochine I added a song from the LA band Dengue Fever because I couldn’t find another musical match at the time which is strange because there’s a very obvious one as I now can recall:
Holiday In Cambodia by The Dead Kennedys off course !
Another match I was thinking of and which is crossing my mind more often lately, every since the idea of travelling during the monsoon period begins to sound less and less attractive as it gets nearer and nearer, is
The Fish Needs a Bike from Blurt.

Anyway, as I went looking for a digital file of it (by using only the word holiday in the search function on my documents) I found all this other tracks in my collection dealing with varies aspects of the subject Holidays. They make up a fine collection so I’m posting them so that they can keep you all company while I’m struttin’ my stuff on a bike waydown yonder.

I’m Ready For The World ‘coss ...

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