sexta-feira, maio 11, 2007

Keep it Real

Also tired of those 99% of music videos which are about …
a) rappers with gold, cars, the hood and ho's
b) blond chicks dancin' and shakin' it with the occasional licking sweat shot
c) overacting bands playing in a computer generated environment

That being said, it's nice to see something refreshing every once in a while.

Just check this video for Grizzly Bear’s song Knife and see... yes, an overacting bands playing in a computer generated environment!

Now that commercial Rap Music is officially declared death, underground Hip Hop is still flourishing. The Roots are one of those bands and they are already around for quit a while now. Back in 1996 – when DJ Shadow declared Hip Hop dead for the first time – they already made this self-ironic video which is the manual to how to make the perfect hip-hop video. It also sort of works as a PowerPoint presentation with moving images and sound because of the captions. The video wouldn't be as good without the those captions. They are essential and funny!

What they do by The Roots. Nice song by the way.

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