sábado, março 31, 2007

Oh My God, Could It Be True?

I've been posting a lot lately... that means that I'm spending a lot of time behind my computer which is true because I've got muito trabalho y ocupações. I'm leaving for Barcelona next week with a couple of friends so its rather muchos trabajos and yes oh boy, I still got work to do. I no longer measure the extends of the labour because it's that much. But I'm going anyway, it's not a convenient moment but than again, nothing ever really comes that way - as a friend with the same problem spook wisely, so is death.
Looking back it's not that bad that The Arcade Fire aren't comin' next Wednesday. Extra time for work :-) but that doesn't mean I don't take the occasional five in order to relax behind and away from the screen. We where thinking of taking a swim in Barcelona and I suddenly remembered a nice open pool on the Montjuïc with a spectacular view. It's the location where the Video Slow from Kylie Minogue is shot and while googling for tha video I stumbled upon this one. Could it be true? I wonder.

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