domingo, março 18, 2007

Back to Black

The show must goes on. Bringing you this time some older and more recent stuff that I stumbled upon while wading through my digital files.

042 Joss Stone - Girl They won’t Believe it

Joss Stone has a new album out. I'm not really a big fan of her but I like ze genre and some of her songs. This one is great though. A nice steady offbeat shuffle. I went through the backs of my mind but I can't recall having heard this rhythm before. Which probably says more about my musical knowledge than the originality of the songwriting. But one never knows.

043 Flanger – Outer Space Inner Space

Electronic Jazz. There's tons of it out there but I find most of it rarely satisfying. A happy exception is Flanger. Some people will find this just noodles but I like the hard uncut edge. It doesn't have to be perfect. It ain't Rocket Science.

044 Sun Ra – Space is the Place

And since we are talking 'bout space and rocket science now... Space is the Place, indeed. I wonder whether one's inner space is as vast as outer space. Or whether the inner space can be a metaphor for the depths of the far far galaxy. Is everything we can imagine, also somewhere out there? Is there a limit to our minds? Am I ready for Los Straightjackets right now?

045 Joe Bataan – Chick-A-Boom (Chris Joss remix)

I recently purchased a compilation of the Thievery Corporation's ESL Label. Last year they produced their 100th release. Favourite track is the David Byrne collaboration The Heart's a Lonely Hunter in the Louie Vega Mix. You can already find it somewhere else on this site. But a nice surprise (and reason of purchase) was the Joe Bataan song Chic-A-Boom. I like Joe Bataan. A Salsoul and early hiphop pioneer. I knew the song but I couldn't find it anywhere. Now I have it in a worthy Chris Joss remix. A genuine Floorfiller!

By the way, I'm using Zshare right now. As a test because I'm running out of storage space at the Box. It's easy. A nice features is the possibility of hearing first what you're going to download. If you don't like it you can just split.

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